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"General Wesley Clark has no business running for the Democratic
nomination. The best thing he can do for the party would be to
withdraw from the race. " -Dean Hartwell

I would vote for Barney the Purple Dinosaur if he had ANY chance to kick DUMBya out of the White House!

Terry C


I agree Terry.


FROM: Ron Freeman



According to Mr. Hartwell, Wesley Clark should just drop out because he hasn't paid his dues. Has Mr. Hartwell paid his dues? Should we endure four more years of Dubya while the best candidate pays his dues? Where does he pay and how much?

Frankly, I never heard of Dean Hartwell before. I did an internet search for him and found exactly what AHNC has on it's site: A website for Dean Hartwell. But still no information about Mr. Hartwell's qualifications or when he paid his dues. The internet list calls him a "Political Fortune Teller". I read my cards differently and usually hope for a straight. And, for $7.95, anyone can have a website.

Sounds like a Limbaugh whiner to me. You see, I was born a Irish, Protestant, Republican (and poor) kid. I grew up to become an Irish, Catholic, Democrat. Yes, you can change a Zebra's stripes and make it into a Democratic Donkey. I also served four years (1963-1967) (A.K.A. the early Viet Nam years) in the military. So if Mr. Hartwell wants to tell me I haven't paid my dues; he had better be ready for a size 12 Irish smackface fist. And, Wesley Clark HAS paid his dues. Knighted by both Great Britain and The Netherlands, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, Four Purple Hearts, a Commander of the French Legion of Honor and awarded our nations highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, it seems a bit of a stretch to say he hasn't paid his dues. I rather think something else is eating at Mr. Hartwell. I've met Wesley Clark at various functions and it is seldom I meet someone with as much charisma, openness and intelligence as Mr. Clark.

So Mr. Hartwell, I too, have paid my $7.95 and have a website. It's  . Come on in for a look and please, no whining about paying dues. We don't charge for the look.

Ron Freeman
Founder - Nebraska For Clark

Thanks for writing Ron.

I believe anyone who wants to run for president, especially a man of the stature of General Clark should be welcomed into the Democratic party. I agreed with Hartwell, that would should look at the record of General Clark, but I don't agree with wanting him to withdraw.  But it is his opinion and I put it out there for my viewers to see.


I appreciate your position but note there is nothing positive or negative about the other candidates on your site....just one against Clark. Seems rather derogatory about the one person nationwide who is seen as being able to beat Bush. Part of the reason he is so electable is that he is not a yellow-dog Dem...Many of those who have fallen out of love with Bush are Republicans and most elections are won in the middle with the Independent voters. Being a lifelong Dem is a good thing but it isn't the only thing. I personally have worked for the Carter Admin as a congressional aide and voted Dem all my life for president but cannot say the same thing on the local level...I have supported Republicans for office (our current congressman as well as our governor - a looser, but one who did what I wanted anyway).
I don't personally think that the way to win is to start destroying our candidates. We will never beat Bush if he has a war chest no one can possibly match and he doesn't have to lift a finger to destroy our nominee...our other candidates will do his dirty work for him. While you may like Dean, I am singularly unimpressed with him. The angry man only goes so far and he frankly hasn't actually presented a position yet that isn't just anti-Bush. Reading his position statements to me are just tripe. His having balanced the budget of a postage stamp of a state and being a doctor just means he can run an exceptionally small state and he can memorize - I know, we have doctors in the family and my daughter is going to be one soon....lots of memorizing and applying the memorization. I hope he does come up with something usable and I will vote for him if he does indeed become the nominee but I certainly hope he doesn't. The Bush Admin are just licking their chops over the possibility of running against him. He is a guaranteed win for junior and that is something we can't afford as a nation.
Just think how this election will play out if Bush only has to start replaying the nasty, awful, biting, vicious criticism of candidates back on the nominee...the same castigation....he doesn't have to do anything but buy ad time and let other Dems do our nominee in. That scares me to death. Can we afford Bush for another 4 years? The answer is no. The manner in which we can defeat him? Stop tearing our candidates down. Make them answer questions. What would they do differently rather than what did Bush do wrong.
I would beg you to be positive about all of the candidates and negative about the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice bunch of morons. Please, otherwise we are only helping Bush.
Thanks for your consideration.


I like how Clark brings out the passion in you Cheryl.  I admire General Clark and I would gladly cast my vote for him.  But we shall see who will be the Democratic nominee.  There is still a long road ahead.

Remember, I am just the messenger!  Don't shoot me!


Lisa Never Meant to Rain on Clark's Parade!




I take offense at the nasty editorial printed about the General. I read the whole piece, and then went looking to find out who this author was because I have never heard of him! I am betting he is a Dean supporter who is really just mad because Clark came on the scene and has risen in popularity so fast it makes his head spin. At the Senator Harkin Steak Fry last August President Clinton asked all Democrats to" fall in love with your candidate, campaign aggressively, go to the convention, and then FALL IN LINE FOR THE SAKE OF THE PARTY". I don't think sniping and fighting dirty is going to get the party anywhere but second place in 2004. As for your website, if you are going to put articles in about the democratic hopefuls, I think it serves all of us better to stick to the positive. We all will make up our own minds, and frankly it will keep you wonderful website above the fray! Since you haven't so far, I would ask you or the author of the piece something. Have you been to any political events where you are able to listen to ALL of the nominees speak? I have been to several, and I plan to attend another event in November where all but Al Sharpton will be in attendance debating the issues. I have enjoyed your website for a while, but if you are going to reduce yourselves to infighting then I will find my entertainment somewhere else. I have exchanged emails with Zelda in the past asking her to publish positive articles about my candidate, Wesley Clark. She had replied that you like to look for something funny or evil on your subjects. I don't think what you have decided to print is either. Instead, I think it is partisan politics and beneath the message you have spread so far to "make peace". I think we all learned a sad lesson when the greens refused to get in line with Al Gore. We are not going to get nirvana with anyone, but if the goal of the party is to get rid of Bush, then how are we going to get that accomplished if we reduce ourselves to sniping and infighting within the party? How are we going to be able to fall in line for the sake of the party if we hate each other so much all ready? Who cares who anyone voted for in the past?!! What matters now is who will win in the future. I don't know what this "litmus test" is for righteous democrats, but I don't think many people would pass. I know I probably woudn't, would you?

Thank you for my chance to weigh in,

Mary Anne Bryndal


Dear Mary Anne,

Thanks for writing and expressing your opinion. I like to show all opinions of my viewers. I even have conservative republican viewers. Imagine that.

I am the producer of this website (only me, no staff) you can see I don't only publish funny or evil(?) stories.  I have no idea why Zelda would say that. I think Anita Beer has kidnapped her and her laptop. Anyone else get emails from Zelda like that?

If you have any article you would find of interest to this website please send it to me at 

My site is a reflection of my viewers and their input.

I have put General Clark on my website many times click the following link to see my Google search results click here


Thanks for writing.



Dear Lisa,


Hartwells opinion piece was interesting.  I went to his website and found he lives in CA.  He may be suffering from Schwarzenegger Shock.


Bill in WY


Haha Bill.  Dems have a tough row to hoe in CA!



Hartwell is an angry Democrat.  I want to see the resumes of all dem candidates and debates - not waste my time telling someone not to run.


Mary in LA



Thanks for writing Mary.  I received a couple dozen emails saying just what you stated.