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Subject: Your site





thanks for your site, it's great.

My name is rickie lee jones. Yes, I am a musician. i have set up a site called  political commentary and networking.

Maybe we can link to your site. thanks for this great work, really made me feel good.
I think the tide is really turning now.

rickie lee jones.


Yowsa yowsa yowsa. I am honored to be contacted by you wanting a to link up to AHNC. Oui oui.

Your music makes me feel good. And glad to return the favor.

Thank you for writing.


Here's a link to Rickie Lee Jones music website



Subject:  Joe Scarborough


Conservative MSNBC news host Joe Scarborough was a guest on MSNBC's Imus show last Thursday, May 29.

In complementing Scarborough on his sense of humor, Imus said, "Don't be afraid to be funny, because you are funny. I asked you why you aren't in Congress. You said that you had sex with the intern and then you had to kill her." To which Scarborough laughed, "Yeah, ha, ha ha., well, what are you gonna do?"

To hear the interview go to  The quote is from May 29 and comes in near the end at 15:45

How could this "joke" possibly be funny to the family of Lori Klausutis? Ms Klausutis is the Scarborough intern who was found dead in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office on July 21, 2001. At the same time that cable news shows on Fox and MSNBC were hounding Democratic Rep. Gary Condit over the disappearance of Chandra Levy, whose real attacker was later caught, Scarborough appears to have been granted a free pass. He is now the host of his own late night news analysis show on MSNBC.

Regardless of whether Scarborough actually murdered Lori Klausutis, his casual joking about her death is inexcusable. Is this the kind of role model MSNBC wants to present to America? Last month Scarborough engaged in a successful campaign to have actor Danny Gloved fired as spokesman for MCI because of Glover's political views, which Scarborough claimed were anti-American.

Is this the America of today, where the a man who casually jokes about the death of a young woman is put in a position to pass moral and political judgment over the rest of us? Have we really come to this?
I certainly hope not.

For references on the death of Lori Klausutis see
the following:

Steve R.
Sarasota, Florida


Thanks for writing Steve. 

Republicans make fun and tell lies about dead people all the time, even their own kind like Lori Klausutis.  But they laugh & lie heartier about Democrats such as the memorial service of Paul Wellstone; the multiple investigations of Vince Foster's suicide for nearly a decade...and we know all about the failed 8+ years Whitewater investigations of the Clintons and all they found was a blue dress that led to an impeachment of a president who was getting hummers from a consenting 21 year old woman.


Republican Media control will become even worse under the FCC led by Colin Powell's son, Michael, if the Congress doesn't act by cutting off the FCC funding.


Didn't Bush laugh after the execution of Karla Faye Tucker?  Or was that a rumor?


Anyone have a list of felonious republicans that are TV talk show hosts or radio hosts or are in political positions??

  1. G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate break in brains)

  2. Oliver North (overturned Iran-Contra conviction)

  3. John Poindexter (overturned Iran-Contra conviction)

  4. Casper Weinberger (pardoned by GHW Bush of Iran-Contra convictions)

Anyone know anymore? Send us names and a link if you do.

Thanks again  for writing-Lisa

Subject: Your site



i've visited ahnc for the past couple years and FINALLY summoned the gumption to write and say that i appreciate your work. "I appreciate your work!"

the bush occupation is so @#$%ing disheartening; ahnc and sites like it are helping me to laugh (a little, anyway) while i wait til bush's heel gets offa our throats--

please keep it up!

John L.
Mill Spring, N.C.


Dear Jeff,
Thank you for writing, I am glad you enjoy it.
Create Peace!

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for taking the time to put together a fabulous web page.

Very interesting articles and beautiful satellite photo...

Sure made my Monday!

Thanks again...



Aww, shucks. I'm blushing.  You are very welcome.  This website is a reflection of what I run across while surfing.  I make a concerted effort to find the legitimate link to a story behind the US media spin.  .


I love to ponder the calming photo at the end of the edition.  It rejuvenates me to do the next edition and makes me doubly glad you feel what I do.

Thanks for letting me know. -Lisa

Our links page is now up and a link to your page has been included on it.

Keep up the great satire.



I ran your link in yesterday's edition 6-3-03.  Keep spreading the word with your unique website.  We need many more voices.-Lisa

Lemon meringue level sounds scrumptious. Wish Canada had joined the coalition of the oilwellian, all we get to talk about is one crappy mad cow. On my level meter Lisa and Zelda hit outrageously good everyday......from gord......


Zelda and I are gladly to be of service in the humor psychotherapy department which is available in  all countries.  We feel your pain and the pain of that poor cow. -Lisa

Zisa and Lelda ,

I am quite drawn to your website for many reasons. It would seem there is no shortage of redass on the left when it comes to George Bush . I can understand this . Your case of smouldering underpants is to be expected . I , for one , am so happy to live in a day and age where folks can go toe to toe on a daily basis and live to tell about it . I spend more time reading sites like yours than I do sites that agree with me . What fun is that ? Rah Rah , Sis Boombah ! I would much rather stay sharp by sparring with an opponent . I do have some concerns though . What the hell kind of names are Zisa and Lelda ? And just why do people park in the driveway , but drive on the parkway ?

Cornfused ,

The Wandering Idiot


Some of AHNCs best friends and viewers are republicans, conservatives, libertarians, legal and illegal drug users and every vegetarian.

Your comment about to live in a day and age where folks can go toe to toe on a daily basis and live to tell about it - I wonder if the family of the author of FAVORITE SON would agree with you? Or Danny Glover anti-war views causing him to lose a job? Or the professor wrongly called a pedophile by O'Reilly? (in 6-3-03 AHNC edition)

I cured my dyslexia by having a lobotomy.  Our names are Lisa and Zelda not Zisa and Lelda. :-}

No parkways were I live.  My double wide trailer doesn't have a driveway just four 5'x8' plywood sheets I park on next to my pick-up sitting on blocks in my front yard.



that falling bush gif is frikkin' hilarious!




Thanks.  But didn't you think the pretzel injuries were hilarious and that was real!  I would love to know the real story behind that.


Good Morning Lisa,
As usual, enjoyed this AM's column. One suggestion....For heaven's sake keep the Absinthe locked up. We don't want either you or Zelda getting a snoot full of that vile stuff, and trying to pull a van Gough on us.
Take care,

P.S. Next month you simply have got to chose a "nice" white-bread republican female(s) for Terrior Alert Girl of the Month....
Why? They (the gop) created this climate fear and hate. I feel certain the lucky candidate you chose will be honored and held in high esteem by her numerous peers. Can't you see it? A nation wide Clear Channel radio tour, etc.
Questions: Does next months TAGOTM get a photo op w/Dopey? Does the first runner up get a lunch date w/Scarborough?

OMG, and Zelda did read the absinthe story!  She was quite tight lipped in discussing it. Hmmm.  No AHNC visits to London anytime soon for her.


We have received many emails requesting to choose a right winger just for the reasons you stated.  Your wishes will be granted fabulous viewers


The magic of my pixel manipulation may post a photo of possible contest winners Joe and Ann Coulter hunching, er, lunching together. W and Lynn Cheney jogging?  This is going to require deep thinking.  Thank you for your inspiration.


Thanks Lisa. Loved the surfing dolphins. As we say out here "Way Cool!"
Phil Schultz


Those dolphins were for you.


Zelda, wouldn't you just love to stick spike heel, in that stupid chimps forehead ?

Carl Downing Jr.

Dear Carl,
I aspire toward nonviolence in thought and deed, however; I resist daily urges to smack that lazy POS upside the head.

Create Peace!

I love your site. Are we being monitored?


Sure we are.  I have had thousands of downloaded pages from many branches of Home Land Security. So have other websites of a similar nature. I wonder how many non right wing websites will be audited by the IRS this year?  Gee, will I be able to obtain that from the Freedom of Information Act? Or has that been suspended like our civil liberties have?




Keep up the great work!

Molly Ivins is a national treasure. Hard to believe that she a Shrub come from the same state.

Al Franken is proof of G.B.Shaw's "If you're going to tell people the truth, make them laugh, or they'll kill you", and a better candidate than any of the wimpy Dems.

O'Reilly is the schoolyard sure to run him over the coals at any opportunity.

Your site is one of my favorites, another national treasure......oh, and buy Anita a beer for me.



Dear Ken,

Here's looking at ya' clink.


Link to the Al Franken-Bill O'Reilly C-Span video