I wish we had a president who______

cared more for "we the people" than "we the corporation"

I wish we had a president who liked Americans as much as he likes corporations.

upheld and defended the Constitution
had integrity
had an IQ
could pronounce NOO-KEW-LER
wasn't AWOL
had a heart and a brain
honored separation of church and state
wasn't a hypocrite
read the newspaper
wasn't a serial liar
wasn't an international war criminal
cared as much about the living as he claims to care for the unborn

cared about the old, young, poor and sick

wasn't an evil, moronic, fascist puppet

understood the simple realities of education, family needs, economics,
international relations, religion, and why some people hate us.

could look me straight in the face for 5 seconds without making that stupid

whose compassionate conservatism was a reality rather than just a cute catch

was not just a govenor from teexas

gave a sh*t for the country instead of himself & his cronies.

I wish we had a president who would learn to pronounce "nuclear" correctly
before he starts dropping them on people.

was compassionate to the average man.

wasn't outsmarted by his food


would be exactly like Bill Clinton.Job creation,surplus creation,prosperous

Not a smirking,beadyeyed bozo,who resembles a cows anus.

 Would prematurely die of complications from a aneurism.

Think for himself

I wish we had a president!

wasn't the anti-christ.

cared more about F--king an intern than F--king the middle class.

didn't have his head so far up his butt he blinked with his balls.

had the brains, the tact, the compassion, the knowledge, the wit and the
personality to be a president of our great United States.

ate more pretzels - we can hope, can't we. . .

was forced to apologize personally to the families of every civilian and soldier who has died in the war
on Iraq.

could read.

would tell the truth, honor his oath of office, and resign.

could read this list.

was a woman.

didn't have to prove his manhood by strutting around an aircraft carrier in a
flightsuit with a sock stuffed in crotch.

did not need to hide behind the cross, the flag, and an air flight suit to prove
his manhood.

is named Bill Clinton!

didn't think he is better, than the people he was sworn to serve

was not insane

did not murder women and children.

was screwing a woman instead of the country.

had principles instead of slogans.

that actually brought dignity to the White House.

could read and write like an intelligent person.

actually valued families.

that believed in freedom.

that respected law and the Constitution.

that listened to intelligence and prevented 9/11.

that didn't think big government and big spending were the answer to everything.

that told the truth.


speak adlib, without stuttering

deserved being president

I just wish we had a President!

had a brain.

Wish we had a president who wasn't born w/a silver coke spoon shoved up his

....who could not only spell "integrity" but also have some

Wish we had a president who didn't need an overdose of Viagra to show off his

Wish we had a president who didn't carry around one of those little "lap dawgs"
like a barbie doll. Where is Triumph the Comedy Insult Dog when you really need

truly had compassion for others

knew just a little about shades of gray

wasn't so f--king stupid

actually read newspapers

wouldn't brag about being an ignorant puppet.

I wish we had a president who wasn't installed by a corrupt court appointed by
his Daddy.

had more social redeeming skills other than being potty trained

I wish we had a president who wasn't as phony as the Thanksgiving turkey he was
carrying around in Iraq.

  had at least half a brain.

  Had been elected and not appointed by 5 old conservative justices