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Wednesday, September 7, 2011 edition







Cheney: US different if Hillary Clinton president

Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't president, but Dick Cheney says that if she were in the White House rather than Barack Obama, then things might be different today in the country.

Bachmann campaign manager, deputy stepping down

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann's campaign manager, Ed Rollins, and his deputy are leaving their roles, Bachmann's campaign said on Monday, adding Rollins would remain in a less physically demanding senior advisory position

Analysis: Cheney vigorously defends war in Iraq

Dick Cheney's autobiography presents a robust defense of his push for the U.S. invasion of Iraq without critically examining two issues central to America's near-failure in the war: the Bush administration's decision to disband the country's army and banish all members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party


President Obama's approval rating is sinking faster than a cast iron bathtub thrown into a swimming pool. Think the only Republican he could beat at this point would be Dick Cheney. And he should be given the chance.- Will Durst


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam



The Kenyan versus the Texan


President Obama's approval rating hit another new low, and Rick Perry has surged to the lead in the 2012 Republican presidential race, according to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday.


Republican Shenanigans




"Apparently, Mitt Romney is planning to build a huge addition onto his beach house in California. And here's the cool part: They're using the same wood that they used to build Mitt Romney." –Jimmy Fallon


Republican Respect for the Presidency


When President Obama delivers his address on a new job-creation plan to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, he won't be speaking to a sold-out crowd. Several lawmakers are still determining whether it is worth their time to stay in Washington to hear the president, and some are already planning to skip it.







Rock-The-Voter News


Obama Caves on Joint Session, But Tries a Hail Mary





"Some jobs are growing: health care, solar technology and translating for our soon-to-be Chinese overlords." –Craig Ferguson







Business News




"A woman in Alaska punched a bear in the face after it threatened her dog. Or as Sarah Palin put it, 'Teach me, sensei.'" –Jimmy Fallon


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Odd News


The electrical company removes the first branch from the electrical wires and the first branch falls full weight on my carport roof.



The electrician removes the second branch off the roof of the house.



Frank, my friend and tenant, pulls the second branch down with a chain and his truck.



Minimal damage was done to the carport and the house. I was so lucky those branches didn't fall on me.




Subject: Broken branches


Dear Lisa,

I'm not a religious person but in the few years I have followed you, you have beaten death twice. The Big Guy or Spaghetti Monster or whatever wants you alive.

And so do I.




Yes, I do feel quite lucky and it is about friggin' time!


Also, remember last month when I asked for good vibes. I am sure that helped too!


Thanks for writing, Toby.






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