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AP Fact-Checks Bush Iraq Speech
Editor & Publisher - 9-14-07
For example, Albania has 120 soldiers there and Bulgaria has 150 non-combat troops in Iraq. Bush visited both nations this summer as a thank you..


President Bush defends Iraq war, talks of troop withdrawals
New York Daily News - 9-14-07
 President Bush looks ahead with steely resolve and watered eyes after an Oval Office address last night in which he vowed to continue the Iraq war

President tries to flip debate, buy time for his plan
Chicago Sun-Times - 9-14-07
WASHINGTON -- President Bush told the nation that Iraq is ''fighting for its survival,'' a claim that could also be made about his strategy of keeping more than 160000 US troops there.


Whomever the next president is, they better apologize to the world for what Bush has done.



"Another big day on Capitol Hill. General Petraeus testified again today before Congress about the Iraq war. Some Democrats are claiming that Petraeus' answers are scripted by President Bush. Which explains Petraeus' use of the word 'surgerrific.'" --Conan O'Brien




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



One Million Iraqi Deaths



A car bomb blew up in the capital's Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City on Thursday, killing at least four people, as a new survey suggested that the civilian death toll from the war could be more than 1 million.

The figure from ORB, a British polling agency that has conducted several surveys in Iraq, followed statements this week from the U.S. military defending itself against accusations it was trying to play down Iraqi deaths to make its strategy appear successful.




By Don Davis



"Petraeus gave his progress report on Iraq to Congress. Many of the senators commented to the general. Senator Barbara Boxer said Petraeus was overly optimistic; Mel Martinez of Florida thanked the general; Senator Larry Craig of Idaho said, 'There's something about a man in uniform.'" --Jay Leno




Disturbing News

Another Bush Surge - Iraq Loses Religious Freedoms


Religious freedom has sharply deteriorated in Iraq over the past year because of both the insurgency and violence targeting specific faiths, despite the U.S. military buildup intended to improve security, says a State Department report to be released Friday.



General Petraeus admitted under questioning by GOP Senator John Warner that he doesn't know if the war in Iraq makes us safer. Everyone was shocked by the question and the response. President Bush was so furious he canceled both of their knighthoods.- Argus Hamilton




Republican Shenanigans



"A New Orleans prostitute has come forward and said she has had sex with married Louisiana Senator David Vitter two or three times a week over a four-month period. This is actually good news for the Republicans. Finally a sex scandal involving a woman." --Jay Leno


All In The Family


The former head of an oil field service company admitted Thursday in court that he bribed three Alaska legislators, including the son of a U.S. senator who is the target of a federal investigation.




Rock-The-Voter News


"General Petraeus was in Washington testifying before the Senate. After the testimony, Senator Craig said, 'You may not know this, general, but right now I'm saluting you.'" --David Letterman




Biz-Tech News


Bush: "The more successful we are, the more American troops can return home." Translation: stay the curse. - Grant Gerver,





From Dan Froomkin's Column


Jon Stewart had Bush biographer Robert Draper on his show last night, and marveled at Draper's access to the president: "He was either disarmed by you -- or didn't think you were writing this stuff down."

Stewart's conclusion: "After reading this book I get the sense of a man who is very proud of the person he believes himself to be -- but he is, in fact, the opposite of that person."

Bush-Prison-Torture News



Go-F***-Yourself News


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Giant pandas eat at the China Panda Protection and Research Centre in Wolong, southwest China's Sichuan province September 11, 2007. China has halted its time-honored goodwill  gesture of giving highly endangered pandas to foreign countries, local media reported on Thursday, citing a Chinese wildlife official. Photo/China Daily