TGIF/Weekend edition - August 3-5, 2007




Court secretly struck down Bush spying: report
Washington Post, United States - 8-3-07
WASHINGTON - A US intelligence court earlier this year secretly struck down a key element of President George W. Bush's warrantless spying program...


Bush Aide Addresses Missing RNC E-Mails
Washington Post - 8-3-07
A young White House political aide was grilled inconclusively by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday about the firings of US attorneys after Karl Rove, the president's senior political adviser, failed to show up at the committee's

Bush Bars Rove From Testifying In Senate Probe
KUTV, UT - 8-3-07
The House Judiciary Committee approved a contempt citation against two other Bush confidants, Joshua B. Bolten, chief of staff, and Harriet E. Miers, ...


I often wonder what secrets this administration has  --  that we haven't found out about yet.


{{chills down my spine}}



The White House announced a twenty-billion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Monday. The deal includes fighters and bombers and missiles and drones. That's nothing compared to the anti-aircraft missiles we're selling Israel to shoot them down. - Argus Hamilton, comedian





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Valerie Plame Wilson Update


Valerie Wilson may be the best known former intelligence operative in recent history, but a federal judge in New York ruled Wednesday that she was not allowed to say how long she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency in the memoir she plans to publish this fall.

Although the fact that Ms. Wilson worked for the C.I.A. from 1985 to 2006 has been published in the Congressional Record and elsewhere, the judge, Barbara S. Jones of Federal District Court in Manhattan, said Ms. Wilson was not free to say so.

“The information at issue was properly classified, was never declassified and has not been officially acknowledged by the C.I.A.,” Judge Jones wrote.



"Man, it was hot today. ... It was so hot today, Hillary spoke before the Senate topless." - Jay Leno







Disturbing News


Don't Worry, Be Happy


The head of the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday people shouldn't fret about general bridge safety across the country, notwithstanding figures showing more than 70,000 are rated structurally deficient.

"I don't believe that they should be worried at all," NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker said





By Don Davis



Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. He owns conservative tabloids and Fox News. The next day the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page story about new medical research which found that supporting President Bush can regrow hair. - Argus Hamilton, comedian





Republican Shenanigans


"According to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton has been showing a little cleavage out there on the campaign trail. People feel this is why her lead over Barack Obama has increased. ... But I think there's something to it. In fact, today, Barack Obama made a speech with a rolled up sock in his pants." –Jay Leno


FBI Violates the Constitution


 The FBI violated the Constitution when agents raided U.S. Rep. William Jefferson's office last year and viewed legislative documents, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.



Rock-The-Voter News


“Hillary is dressing sexier. Yesterday, she was seen shopping at Victoria Pantsuit.” - David Letterman







Biz-Tech News


"Rupert Murdoch -- he's from Australia, billionaire -- now owns two United States newspapers, Fox network, National Geographic magazine, MySpace. I'm thinking, 'Why can't we build a fence to keep this guy out?'" –David Letterman




Bush-Prison-Torture News


Jon Stewart: When Dick Cheney smiles, an angel gets water-boarded


Go-F***-Yourself News


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Odd News



Women compete in a high-heel sprint in St.Petersburg, Russia on  July 21, 2007. Some 100 women took part in the race wearing high-heeled shoes with a required minimum height of 9 centimetres (3.5 inches) to compete for a shopping voucher worth 50,000 rubles (about $2,000). Photo/Alexander Demianchuk



I hope you all have a peaceful weekend.