Wednesday edition - August 29, 2007




Russia Resumes Bomber Patrols
Moscow News, Russia - Aug 27, 2007
MOSCOW (AFP, AP) - Russia said on Thursday that its return to the Soviet-era practice of sending strategic bombers on long-range flights was not a return to ...


Ain't gay & won't quit, says Senator Craig
New York Daily News - 8-29-07
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig with his wife, Suzanne, in Boise yesterday. The lawmaker accused of lewd behavior - coming on to an undercover cop inside an airport bathroom in June - insisted he's not gay.

Bush to tour New Orleans, Miss. coast
USA Today - 8-29-07
Bush's Gulf Coast rebuilding chief, Don Powell, noted the federal government has committed a total of $114 billion to the region, $96 billion of which is ...


I wonder who would push the nuke button first, Putin or Bush?



“But people are stunned. The Russian president appearing in public without a shirt. And I was thinking well, heck, our president often appears in public without a brain.” - David Letterman




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"They also came up with what they call the National Intelligence Estimate for Iraq. ... They said ... the Iraqi political leaders remain unable to govern effectively. President Bush said that was the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. Judging leaders by their effectiveness?" --Bill Maher


Angelina Visits Iraq


Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on Tuesday traveled to Iraq and appealed for more international support for the millions of people uprooted by war and violence.




2 Years Ago Today Katrina Devastated New Orleans



Hurricane Recovery - Republican Style - Cha Ching


Two years later, some of these areas are still distressed. One reason for the lack of attention paid to the Gulf Coast may be the massive investments made in the region by casino, hotel and real estate interests. That has created the appearance of a recovery that business promoters say has brought, and will continue to bring, enormous growth to the area. But many locals say that the casino-led development has done little to alleviate post-disaster conditions for most residents, including the 37 percent of the population -- approximately a half million people -- who earn below what federal guidelines deem low to moderate income. Moreover, maneuvering in Washington by the state's Republican leaders has diverted aid money away from some of the people who need it the most.



Disturbing News


"Alberto Gonzales is stepping down, but he can't recall why." --David Letterman




Wizard of Whimsy



"Sen. Craig said he made a mistake by pleading guilty. And I was thinking, maybe that was your second mistake." --David Letterman


#1 and #2


The US has around 10,240 strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, on submarines, boats, planes and on land. The majority of the weapons are located in the US in New Mexico, Georgia, Washington, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, South Dakota and Colorado. The US also has around 480 of these positioned in Europe, located in Germany, the U.K., Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Russian Federation has 3,814 nuclear weapons including strategic, tactical and bomber capability. These are all located in Russia in Aleysk, Dombraovskiy, Kartaly, Kozels, Tatschevo, Bershet, Kostroma, Krasnoyarsk, Drovyanaya, Irkustsk, Kansk, Nizhniy, Novosibirsk, Teykobo, Vypolzovo, Yoshkar-Ola and Yurya.



Republican Shenanigans


Jenna announced her engagement two weeks ago, although President Bush knew about it over a month ago from some wiretaps. - Jay Leno





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Rock-The-Voter News

Outing Hillary


In asking a federal court to force the National Archives to release papers from Hillary Rodham Clinton's time as first lady, the public interest group Judicial Watch has opened itself to the charge that it's on a fishing expedition. Maybe so, but the group is fishing with a license -- the Freedom of Information Act.





Biz-Tech News


"Sen. Craig is married. Apparently he told his wife, don't worry about having dinner ready to me. I'm going to wolf down a hot dog at the airport." --Jay Leno




Bush-Prison-Torture News



Go-F***-Yourself News


Larry Craig Wants To Spank Bill Clinton

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has been publicly denying assertions that he's gay since at least 1982, when a whisper campaign implicated him in a House page scandal.. "I am not gay and never have been."...And in between his 1982 denial (click here to watch archive ABC News video of it) and last year's allegations, he called President Bill Clinton a "naughty boy" and talked of giving the president a little spanking for his Oval Office tryst and denial of it.




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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has trained its razor-sharp eye on one of the universe's most stately and photogenic galaxies, the Sombrero galaxy, Messier 104 (M104). The galaxy's hallmark is a brilliant white, bulbous core encircled by the thick dust lanes comprising the spiral structure of the galaxy. As seen from Earth, the galaxy is tilted nearly edge-on. We view it from just six degrees north of its equatorial plane. Photo/NASA