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Monday edition - August 22, 2011




GOP may OK tax increase that Obama hopes to block

News flash: Congressional Republicans want to raise your taxes.
Impossible, right? GOP lawmakers are so virulently anti-tax, surely they will fight to prevent a payroll tax increase on virtually every wage-earner starting Jan. 1, right?

Rick Perry Clueless On Use Of Executive Presidential Powers To Kill Obamacare

...Like it or not, there is virtually nothing a president can do by executive order to overturn this legislation passed by the Congress and signed into law by the current President.

Analysis: China, U.S. call time-out on diplomatic brawls

- During U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to China, Beijing and Washington confined their brawling to the basketball court, and


The CEO of Starbucks said that President Obama shouldn’t be vacationing during a crisis, and that he should be getting Americans back to work — so they can afford a $9 cup of coffee. - Conan



Forget Attack on Bernanke, Rick Perry Challenges Alexander Hamilton To A Duel

By Don Davis



Unstealthy Stealth


Russia's first stealth fighter jet had to abort a takeoff at Moscow's International Aviation and Space Show on Sunday because of what officials said was a malfunction in the right engine.

The T-50 did not leave the runway and was slowed by a brake parachute.


Rick Perry is the candidate for those of you who could never cozy up to George Bush due to his flagrant intellectual elitism.- Will Durst


Republican Shenanigans



I'm So Glad that Mitt Didn't Remodel a House That Would Make Anyone Think That He Was an Elitist


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is planning to nearly quadruple the size of his $12 million California beachfront mansion.






Sunday was Social Security's 76th birthday and just like other 76 year olds, its seen better days and is having real problems with its meds.- Will Durst


Rock-The-Voter News



Subject: What if McCain would have been elected president?



What if McCain would have been elected president instead of Obama?

The only thing different would have been the president's name.

Signed: A very disgusted Dem.



I hear you, Cindy. Obama could be doing a much better job considering the pile of crap he was handed.

My selfish complaint about Obama is still the lack of affordable healthcare for someone as myself. Call me crazy but a strong country is a healthy country.

But I do disagree the only diff between McCain and Obama is their names. :)

Thanks for writing.



GOP To Punish Huntsman For ‘Sanity’ On Evolution, Global Warming

By Don Davis




The Last Great Hopes For The Democratic Party



For Democrats, the current Republican presidential front-runners are a fortunate triplet: Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. That could be the lineup that rolls out of the gate in the 2012 presidential primaries: Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman, will take her home state of Iowa; Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, will dominate New Hampshire; South Carolina cozies up with Texas Gov. Rick Perry...Democrats are hoping, for example, that Obama’s opposition will remain substandard and lackluster. Progressives and liberals may wring their hands over their cool president’s lack of ardor for battle, but they’re waving hallelujahs at a 2012 Republican primary lineup that will remain divided, disheveled and maybe even dead on arrival.








Business News


Tom Friedman, on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Confirms He’s a Reliable Horse’s Ass

By Don Davis




The "Black Death" of debt crisis across the euro zone will hurt China by sapping demand for exports, although Beijing's relatively small holdings of euro assets will limit any damage to foreign exchange reserves, the nation's top official newspaper said on Monday.




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Freddy Nock from Switzerland balances on the ropeway of a cable car leading on Germany's highest mountain, the 2,962 metre (9,718 feet) Zugspitze, near the southern Bavarian resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen August 20, 2011. Nock balanced on the 995 meters long rope to break his own world record, as part of a charity event. Photo/Michaela Rehle





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