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Survey’s surprising finding: tea party less popular than atheists and Muslims

In an op-ed article in the New York Times, Robert D. Putnam, a professor of public policy at Harvard, and David E. Campbell, a political scientist at Notre Dame, say they have collected data indicating that the tea party is ...


Meet the Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism

This won't bode well for Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann: Staffer Peter E. Waldron was arrested for terrorist activities in Uganda back in 2006, reports


Top US Republicans urge no tax hikes in debt deal

Top US Congress Republicans, looking to a battle over the country's debt in the coming months, called Wednesday for cuts to social safety net programs and rejected appeals


Michele Bachmann wished Elvis Presley a happy birthday even though it’s actually the anniversary of his death. When told about the mistake, Bachmann said, “My apologies to Elvis, and the entire Costello family.” - Conan





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

 Birther Booted From Air Force



The Air Force said Wednesday it is discharging a hero of the so-called birther movement who refused to report to duty in Germany for a few days earlier this month because he doubts President Barack Obama's citizenship.


Republican Shenanigans



"Texas Governor Rick Perry distanced himself from George W. Bush by saying, 'I went to Texas A&M. He went to Yale.' In other words, his idea of instilling confidence is by saying, 'Don’t worry. I’m not as smart as George W. Bush.'" –Conan O'Brien



Republicans Rewarding Failure




Just because Karl Rove is behind a plot doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work. That we’re still talking about the former Bush aide at all is a testament to his singular tenacity.

How has he done it? The man helped elect the Pelosi Congress—it was Rove who in 2006 was in charge of holding on to GOP majorities in the House and Senate. He helped elect Barack Obama—insisting that John McCain was the only “electable” Republican in 2008 and bad-mouthing most of the others running. His indispensable support of his boss' overspending and government bailouts even helped create the Tea Party, which has bedeviled Rove and other GOP establishment figures ever since.

And yet billionaire donors to the Republican Party seem oblivious to the record, handing Rove big, fat checks to fund his activities further.



Mitt Romney is calling Obama’s bus tour the “Magical Misery Tour,” which is kind of funny coming from a member of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hair Club for Men.- Jimmy Kimmel





A Question I asked My Viewers The Other Day: What Would The World Be Like  If McCain and Palin Won Instead of Obama?



President McCain privatizes Social Security and establishes a voucher program for Medicare. Following the Stock Market Crash, which wipes-out the savings of most retirees, President McCain announces a new program to provide retirees, “Free Powerball tickets for life!. One hundred-dollars-worth per month, with a valid I.D”.

Following the uproar of the American people over the Medicare voucher plan, the Republican congress passes a bill allowing the vouchers to also be used as groupons. Seniors can now choose between health care, or discounts at local restaurants.

The President declares, “Only in America can you find freedom of choice!”

After the out-of-wedlock birth of her grandson, Schwag, to her son Track, and Meghan McCain, Vice President Palin resigns mid-way through her first term. “I cannot, in clear conscience, allow my family to be ridiculed by the Lame Stream Media any longer. I must answer to a higher-calling”.

It is reported that Rupert Murdoch has offered the V.P. a billion-dollar-a-year contract to join Fox news.

In a surprise move, President McCain re-establishes Planned Parenthood, an organization he de-funded two years earlier.

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Rock-The-Voter News




"President Obama is touring the country in a bus, because nothing inspires hope in the economy like the president riding in a bus." –Jimmy Kimmel


 More Oil In The Gulf of Mexico????'



Oil giant BP said Thursday it was investigating a new sheen in the Gulf of Mexico but added there was no immediate indication it was the result of a new oil spill.





Business News



Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?




 For the past two decades, according to a whistle-blower at the SEC who recently came forward to Congress, the agency has been systematically destroying records of its preliminary investigations once they are closed. By whitewashing the files of some of the nation's worst financial criminals, the SEC has kept an entire generation of federal investigators in the dark about past inquiries into insider trading, fraud and market manipulation against companies like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and AIG. With a few strokes of the keyboard, the evidence gathered during thousands of investigations – "18,000 ... including Madoff," as one high-ranking SEC official put it during a panicked meeting about the destruction – has apparently disappeared forever into the wormhole of history.



The Witch Won't Discuss The Gays





Piers Morgan is already making light of former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell walking out on a "Piers Morgan Tonight" interview after the host asked her for her views on gay marriage on Wednesday.'







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The species is native to South America and is the largest rodent on earth. Experts aren't sure exactly how one ended up on the California Central Coast, but they have a pretty good idea. As Tom Tognazzini of the Department of Fish and Game put it, "It's likely it was an illegal pet that somehow escaped or was released." Photo/KION46/Fox35