TGIF/Weekend edition - August 17-19 , 2007





Pentagon Paid $999,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers to Texas
Bloomberg - 8-17-07
That order was rejected and a review turned up the $998798 payment earlier that month for shipping two 19-cent washers to Fort Bliss, Texas, Stroot said


Russia-China war games send message to US
Guardian Unlimited - 8-17-07

Russia and China today carried out joint war games after both had warned the US not to interfere in central Asia.

Putin could be nominated for president in 2012: speaker
People's Daily Online - - 8-17-07
The Fair Russia party could nominate Vladimir Putin for the presidency in 2012, the party's leader and Federation Council -- upper house of parliament -- Speaker Sergei Mironov told a news conference on Friday.


Poor George, he was born with a Karl Rove in his brain.



“And, Karl Rove, though has been called Bush’s brain, I don’t really know if that’s a compliment, really, is it? It’s like being called Paris Hilton’s talent or something. It’s like being called Trump’s hair.” - Craig Ferguson


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Low On Cash? Just Print Some More!


The US Federal Reserve on Friday injected six billion dollars into the distressed financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said...The central bank earlier Friday cut its discount rate to commercial banks to 5.75 percent from 6.25 percent.




By Don Davis


Disturbing News

Can't Take The Heat


Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani, whose strained relations with his children have drawn unwelcome attention in the race for U.S. president, asked on Thursday that voters "leave my family alone."

The former mayor of New York conceded there were "complexities" among his relatives but said any troubled relationships were irrelevant to his performance in public life.



 “The President’s advisor, Karl Rove, announced he’s resigning. … I didn’t think anyone at the White House had an exit strategy. - Craig Ferguson





Republican Shenanigans


"Let's begin tonight with news from the Bush family retreat in Kennebunkport, Maine. Or, as the president calls it, Pillow Fort One. ... Where, over the weekend, newly-minted French President Nicolas Sarkozy was invited to join the president and first lady. ... Fortunately, the two leaders seemed to hit it off quite well. All the president had to do was try not to live down to the worst stereotypes of Americans [on screen: Bush saying, 'We're going to give him a hamburger and hot dog, his choice']. Actually, it could have been worse. The president actually wanted lunchables" --Jon Stewart



Hypocrites of the Week





Rock-The-Voter News



"The Iowa straw poll, a quadrennial ritual for Republican candidates, was held Saturday in Ames, Iowa. And the big winner of this unofficial, preseason survey of the Iowa electorate? Former Massachusetts Governor/part-time J.C. Penny catalogue underwear model Mitt Romney with over 30% of the vote." --Jon Stewart




Biz-Tech News


Bush-Prison-Torture News


Go-F***-Yourself News





Russia declared Wednesday a National Day of Conception to stimulate the birth rate. Any couple who gives birth nine months from now will win money and prizes. This is what countries without a Mexican border have to do to increase their population. - Argus Hamilton



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An artist's rendering of the white dwarf GD 362, surrounded by a dust disk, located 150 light-years from Earth, is seen in this undated handout. A light year is about 6 trillion miles (10 trillion km), the distance light travels in a year. Chemical elements observed around a burned-out star known as a white dwarf offer evidence Earth-like planets once orbited it, suggesting that worlds like our own may not be rare in the cosmos, scientists said on August 16, 2007. Illustration/Jon Lomberg/Gemini Observatory