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Tuesday edition - August 16, 2011




Perry Will Say Obama's Too Wimpy to Be Commander in Chief

After the whole bin Laden thing this spring, Democrats thought for sure the whole liberals-are-too-wussy-to-be-commander-in-chief thing was out of style. Nope.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry Shot Coyote on Morning Jog, Saving Family Dog

Watch out, cowboy -- the governor of Texas packs heat when he takes his morning jog (just in case he has to plug a coyote or two).

Obama criticizes GOP presidential field

President Barack Obama launched a rare direct attack Monday on the GOP presidential field, criticizing Republican hopefuls for their blanket opposition to any compromise involving new taxes.


Yep, now I know what the Republicans will try and impeach Obama for: WIMPYNESS!



"It's the 76th anniversary of Social Security. I mention it because there's no guarantee that there will be a 77th." –Jay Leno



Greedy Iraqi Doctors


Cesarean sections have jumped in Iraq in recent years — accounting for 79 percent of births at private hospitals — worrying health officials who say doctors are pushing women into unnecessary surgeries with potentially serious consequences in order to make more money.

The rise in C-sections is primarily due to private hospitals, where patients pay out of pocket, and it's already having repercussions for women and Iraq's overburdened health care system.





"Newt Gingrich made a surprise announcement. He’s still in the race." –Jay Leno





Republican Shenanigans


"Michele Bachmann was asked if she was a submissive wife. She said no, but her husband is." –Jay Leno




Defending The  Intrusive Government He Hates


Meet Ron Paul, the social conservative.

The Texas congressman, best known for his small-government, anti-Federal Reserve economic views, tacked in a different direction with his Ames address and delivered an uncharacteristically sharp denunciation of the practice of abortion.





Subject: Rick Perry on Social Security?


:D big grinThank you for your update on "Ranger Rick" Perry and his latest notion regarding the issue of Social Security!!! Correct me if I'm wrong, Lisa, but wasn't the issue of Social Security's constitutionality a main talking point of the John Birch Society?#:-S whew!  I had a weird uncle (don't we all?) who was a card-carrying member...and this was one of his many "proofs" that the USA had "gone Communist". Not too surprising if true, since the Koch Brothers were raised by their father, Fred Koch, a founding member of that memorable band of right-wing loonies. Heaven help us all...Keep up your good work! We do need you!----------------------------------------------------Peace and Good energy to you! :-) Mike H


Thanks for writing, Mike.


Just what this country needs is another Texan president with poor grades in high school and college. Perry gives me the creeps leaning on the Jesus cross all the time. Like Jesus wants to take away money from the elderly.


The Koch brothers even interfered at my alma mater, Florida State and were given the privilege of being on the boards that select professors. The thought of Professor Sarah Palin or even worse Professor Ann Coulter, sends shivers up my spine.


This right wing fringe has been successful in impeaching President Clinton and I see them doing the same to Obama right before the election...Obama IS a Kenyan Socialist MusliN  who after all  USES a Teleprompter!!! The horror of it all!


After the right wing congressional tactics lost the US AAA rating the stock markets showed their distain for their actions. Time will only tell what will happen to the US.


I just thank my lucky stars that President McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin were not presiding over the mess Bush and the GOP left in their eight years of financial abuse.


I wonder what McCain and Palin would have done if they were elected instead of Obama? One result from them being in office is that children born out of wedlock would have increased, I betcha.


Any viewers have any ideas what the McCain/Palin ticket would have done if they were elected instead of Obama?

email me




Rock-The-Voter News


"Sarah Palin is bringing her bus to Iowa. She's not going to be part of the debate, just close enough to drown it out. I swear she's going to run for Mayor of Cockblockington." –Jon Stewart



Business News

What Global Warming?



Is 100 the new 90? A question to ponder amid Texas’ record heat and drought

Texas state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon reported that data from the previous 12 months indicate the state is now in its worst one-year drought on record. He also reported that preliminary data indicate July was the warmest month ever recorded in Texas, based on records dating to 1895.







I hope you had a good time today.


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Odd News



In this Aug. 7, 1974 file photo, Philippe Petit, a French high wire artist, walks across a tightrope suspended between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in New York. Philippe Petit stars in "Man on a Wire," directed by James Marsh. Photo/Alan Welner




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