Wednesday edition - August 15, 2007





Hastert hanging it up
Chicago Sun-Times, United States -8-15-07
Hastert, 65, the longest-serving GOP speaker, signaled last May he was contemplating retiring from the House when chief of staff Mike Stokke told the ...


US set to declare Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group
Guardian Unlimited - 8-15-07
The Bush administration is set to officially blacklist the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps by listing it as a terrorist organization, US officials said today.

Death toll in Iraq bombings rises to 250
International Herald Tribune - 8-15-07
BAGHDAD: The death toll following a series of bomb attacks on two Iraqi villages near the Syrian border rose to 250 Wednesday, with 300 to 350 wounded, and the number of dead could rise further as rescuers continued to dig through the ...


Bush still has Barney, Uncle Dick and Condi, too!



This Iraqi Army, the not ready for primetime fighters, they're never going to stand up because they don't care about Iraq. They care about Sunnis and Shiites. Iraq has only been a country since 1932. Paul Newman is seven years older than Iraq. - Bill Maher



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Rumsfeld Update


Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the unpopular Iraq war, resigned as defense secretary before last year's November election but his decision was not announced until after the voting, according to his resignation letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.




Disturbing News


The 12 million people here illegally, they are going to have to go back home to their home countries, touch base, pay a $5,000 fine and then reapply. Also, you have to prove you've never broken the law here or you can't get back in. So Alberto Gonzales is really screwed. - Bill Maher




Republican Shenanigans


War Czar Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute suggested Friday that the military draft be reinstated to solve U.S. troop shortages. Network news executives are all in favor of this idea. They know what makes the young male demographic tune in to watch the news.- Argus Hamilton


Rock-The-Voter News






Biz-Tech News


Wal*Mart tries to ease consumer fears about tainted Chinese products: "Do you want safe products or always low prices?" - Grant Gerver,





Bush-Prison-Torture News


Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove gives turds a bad name. - Grant Gerver,




Go-F***-Yourself News

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I couldn't find a decent closing photo today, so I thought I'd post my preliminary sketch of a 12 foot by 24 foot mural I will be painting. Illustration/Lisa Casey