Tuesday edition - August 14, 2007





Russia said flying more missions near US territory
Reuters Canada, Canada - 8-14-07
Russian bombers are flying more missions than normal near US territory, including Alaska, demonstrating their long-range strike capability..


Pilots Say Missile Was Fired at Airliner in Northern Iraq
New York Times, United States - 8-14-07
A European civil aviation authority said yesterday that it was reviewing security conditions at airports in northern Iraq after two pilots reported that their passenger airliner had been attacked by ground fire last week while taking off

Saudi official condemns US Republican candidate's threat to bomb ...
International Herald Tribune - 8-14-07
AP RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: A Saudi official has condemned a radical US Republican presidential candidate's recent comment that the best way to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on America would be to threaten to retaliate by bombing the Islamic holy sites




"President Bush had his annual physical. And next week, Vice President Dick Cheney will have his annual autopsy. ... The White House revealed that last year President Bush was treated for lyme disease. This disease is spread by ticks that burrow under your skin. You don't even know they're there. You know, kinda like a government wiretap." --Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


1992 - Karl Rove was fired by President George H.W. Bush's reelection campaign after columnist Robert Novak writes of internal dissatisfaction with fund-raiser Robert Mosbacher. Rove was suspected by Mosbacher of planting  the leak.




It's a tragedy that an administration that promised to unite Americans has instead left us more divided than ever before. Without doubt the architect of that political strategy was Karl Rove, who proved the politics of division may win some elections but cannot govern America.—Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.




Disturbing News



Prohibition Vote


ATHENS, Ala. - Voters have a chance on Tuesday to return this northern Alabama city to the days of Prohibition.



"Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was asked to explain why none of his five sons are in the military and he said that his sons demonstrate their patriotism by going on the road and campaigning for him. Now there's a tough choice: Iraq, or Iowa?? "Fallujah or Cedar Rapids? Honey, what do you think?" --Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans


Anthrax Update


Five journalists must identify the government officials who leaked them details about a scientist under scrutiny in the 2001 anthrax attacks, a federal judge said Monday.


Rock-The-Voter News





"This week, the government announced a new operation to crack down on the hiring of illegals here in Los Angeles. It's called Operation You're Going To Have To Cut Your Own Lawn and Raise Your Own Kids." --Jay Leno





Biz-Tech News






"It was this week in 1974 that Richard Nixon resigned the presidency after getting caught lying and violating the Constitution. Remember when that kind of thing used to get you kicked out of office?" --Jay Leno


Bush-Prison-Torture News






"In a recent interview, President Bush's father said he gets upset when people tell him his son is doing a bad job. Bush's dad went on to say, 'You'd think after 60 years I'd be used to it.'" --Jay Leno


Go-F***-Yourself News





Satanspeed, Turd Blossom. You're the best Constitutional Sodomist this Nation has ever seen. - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com






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This photo from IBM shows an atomic-sized image resulting from scientific work at IBM's labs which is part of an art exhibit opening Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007, at the United States Patent and Trademark Museum in Alexandria, Va. This image, made of iron atoms using IBM's low temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope, is featured in the 'The Art of Invention' exhibit. While experimenting with materials that might make up future computer chips and storage components, IBM scientists built images with individual atoms such as this stadium-shaped 'Quantum Corral' made of iron atoms in order to 'corral' some of the surface electrons and view the ripples that resulted. Photo/IBM