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Thursday edition - July 7, 2011




US warning of airline plot to implant bombs in people

US officials have warned airlines terror groups may be mulling implanting bombs under the skins of passengers, reports said Wednesday, but stressed the alert was not linked to any specific threat.

Rupert Murdoch supports executive Rebekah Brooks

In his first comment since the latest details emerged, Murdoch said in a statement Wednesday that Brooks would continue to lead his British newspaper operation despite calls for her resignation....

The Bachmanns' Lifelong Anti-Gay Crusade

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told a Christian congregation in 2006 that she follows the teaching, "The Lord says: Be submissive, wives. You are to be submissive to your husbands." Bachmann's husband, Marcus, describes himself as her "strategist."

Sarah Palin spoke out about Independence Day, saying that if the British had won the war, we’d all be speaking English today.
- Jay Leno




"A senior al-Qaida leader was arrested in Afghanistan and he was disguised as a woman. Police became suspicious after he was seen stoning himself." –Conan O'Brien





More Corporate Patriotism! YeeHaw!


Call it a tale of two economies. Across a range of measures, the current "recovery" is among the weakest since the government began keeping records. Meanwhile, American corporations, which already have been raking in massive profits, are poised to report strong second quarter profits. And despite that imbalance, one economic commentator notes that those same corporations are still lobbying for more tax breaks--concerns over the deficit be damned.


Republican Shenanigans



Stupid Senator But Smart Granddaughter


U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Friday he is convinced he became ill after swimming in the algae in Grand Lake earlier this week.

"There is no question," the Oklahoma Republican said, linking what he thought was a routine dive into the lake last Monday morning to a severe upper respiratory illness.

"That night, Monday night, I was just deathly sick."

Inhofe and his wife, Kay, have had a home at the lake for decades, and he has never seen that kind of algae in the water previously.

"I didn't think anything about it," he said, recalling that he had encouraged his 13-year-old granddaughter to join him in the water but she declined.

"She didn't want to get in that green stuff."



Hamid Karzai attending Anti- Terrorism talks with Iran and Pakistan is like TNT attending anti demolition talks with dynamite and nitroglycerine. - Will Durst




Rock-The-Voter News


"Sarah and Bristol Palin made an appearance at a book store. Apparently, it was 'Bring Your Daughter to a Place You Never Go Day.'" –Conan O'Brien






In Exchange for Raising Debt Limit, Obama Offers GOP Raise in ‘Dead Limit’



Business-Tech News


"Newt Gingrich is entering the hotdog-eating contest at Coney Island. He hopes to win because he needs the money to pay his Tiffany’s bill." –David Letterman




I'm Almost There!

Thank you Sandra and Robert!



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Subject: Why can't you go home to Costa Rica?




I was alarmed at your post yesterday > I'm taking a sick day today, 7/6/2011. I need to return to my healthcare in Costa Rica desperately. Please send good vibes my way, I need them! lol.

Why can't you return. I've been following your fight with cancer since 2009, as I have cancer and we often discussed our symptoms via email but you've hardly discussed it since you came back to the states last fall . What gives? Me and many of your other viewers must be worried that you aren't able to get healthcare. Why the silence? Is your cancer back?




Sigh. All I can say is that I am embroiled in a legal action brought by my husband and I cannot return to Costa Rica for my healthcare, my home or my business there until it is resolved, if ever. It has been going on six months now.


I don't know if my cancer is back. I was never told that my cancer was in remission as I missed my last two follow-up exams from my radiation doctor and blood doctor as my mother was deteriorating and wanted me to help her. So I quickly returned to the states. Those tests were to be done to determine the status of my cancer.


My health is not good but producing AHNC once again has given me a mental boost and a financial boost which I greatly needed.. I lost a lot of viewers when I went offline in Dec 2010. It was too much for me taking care of my mother and producing AHNC. I had to make the choice between taking care of her and AHNC. I chose to take care of my mother. In Feb my cousin Joan took the responsibility of taking care of my mother because my health declined and I could no longer care for her by myself.


I am now living back in Alabama awaiting the slow wheels of justice to turn.




Odd News


Prison guards stand around inmate Edwin Perez Artiaga as he hides in a suitcase during an escape attempt from a prison in Chetumal in this July 2, 2011 handout photo released to Reuters on July 5, 2011. Perez Artiaga tried to escape from prison by hiding inside the suitcase after a conjugal visit on Saturday, according to the authorities. Picture taken July 2, 2011. You know, maybe someone could smuggle me to Costa Rica as I only weigh 88lbs and could easily slip into that suitcase! Just kidding. Photo/Government of Quintana Roo-Secretary of State for Public Security


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