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Friday edition - July 29, 2011






Bush explains slow reaction to September 11 attacks

Former President George W. Bush says his apparent lack of reaction to the first news of the September 11 2001 attacks was a conscious decision to project an aura of calm in a crisis

Conservative ire threatens GOP debt plan in House

Stung by revelations that his plan would cut spending less than advertised, House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday postponed a vote on a debt-ceiling measure that was already running into opposition from tea party conservatives.

US stocks plunge on debt standoff, dismal growth

U.S. stocks plunged early Friday after a dismal report on economic growth added to traders' fears about the consequences of a stalemate over raising the country's borrowing


At 9:03 AM on 11 September 2001, the second airplane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center. President Bush was in Florida, at the Emma T. Booker Elementary School, listening to children read.

Chief of Staff Andrew Card gave Bush the news about the second airplane hit, and informed him that America was under attack, and what did George W. Bush do? He sat there for over 5 minutes and did nothing except read a Pet Goat story with the children.

I can't imagine any other president in my 61 years reacting as Bush did on 9-11 by reading to children instead of being the president, instantly.


"Obama said he had been left at the altar a couple of times (by Republicans). And he asked a great question. He said, 'Can they say yes to anything?' A Democrat now has offered cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and the Republicans still said 'no.' What is the Democrats' next offer? Kansas goes back to being a slave state? Obama moves back to Kenya?" —Bill Maher, on the debt ceiling negotiations





"George W. Bush will give his first interview about the killing of Osama bin Laden next month on cable TV. It's excepted to be the highest-rated episode ever of 'Cake Boss.'" –Conan O'Brien


Oily Business


India expects to make a first payment to Iran through Turkey for billions of dollars in unpaid crude oil bills as it seeks to avert a cut-off in fuel shipments, the oil minister said Friday.



"John Boehner told Republicans to 'get in line.' He was very angry. His face turned from orange to mandarin orange." –Jimmy Kimmel




Republican Shenanigans

Another Classless Rethug


A first-term Missouri congressman is apologizing to people offended by his online post using the death of British singer Amy Winehouse to make a point about the federal government.

Republican Billy Long posted a Twitter message Monday saying: "No one could reach (hash)AmyWinehouse before it was too late. Can anyone reach Washington before it's too late? Both addicted — same fate???"





"Jeb Bush is toying with the idea of running for president. Well, I'm toying with the idea of drinking again." –David Letterman


Judge Mocks Orly Taitz For “Stupidity” - Well yeah. He had no other options really.



A prominent ‘birther’ and critic of President Obama has been chastised by a federal judge for “either toying with the Court or displaying her own stupidity” because she can’t seem to redact the right kind of information in court pleadings.

Orly Taitz, who has repeatedly and unsuccessfully challenged Obama’s citizenship in the courts, is suing the Social Security administration under the Freedom of Information Act. She wants information about a social security number she believes that Obama is using fraudulently.


Rock-The-Voter News





The Twitterverse was abuzz at the undiplomatic critique leveled this week at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's pantsuits-favoring fashion sense by style expert Tim Gunn.

"Why must she dress that way?" Gunn lamented, in an appearance on TBS' "Lopez Tonight" Tuesday, after host George Lopez asked for Gunn's judgment on the style of various U.S. female politicians. "I think she's confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits."


I'm glad Hillary cares more about her job than her wardrobe and would gladly offer my services as her personal shopper because I think she could look FABULOUS!


"Sarah Palin said that if a deal isn't reached by Aug. 2, nothing will happen. Do you hear that, award-winning economists?" –Jimmy Kimmel

Business News

Emails From AHNC Viewers



Hi, Lisa. Sent you a small donation this morning. Not much but I learned in my youth that many small drops – contributed consistently – eventually fill the pond. I remember that it was your site (during the darkest days of the W years) that helped keep a smile on my spirit. You became my Molly Ivins. How can I not say ‘thank you’ for your humor and good (research) work. Makes me proud. Lois


Dear Lois,
Thank you for your kind words and generous support. And you sense my devotion to ahnc.
I especially liked your comment that I became your Molly Ivins, I am truly humbled and knowing I am undeserved of that. But thank you
Hey, I may be down now but I'm not out.
Hugs and humor,




Don't worry Be Happy


We're moving heavy this weekend and while moving is oftimes scary, this will be good. ... My financial recovery is doing good. NOW!!! How are you? Dead reckoning off interviews and some figurin' makes you "my age"! Woo Hoo!.. If I can help you in small ways, you let me know. You've brightened my days for many years. May the best in medicine find it's way to you! Love ya Kid! Brian


Thanks again, Brian, and your loyal support through all of our equally difficult times.

Am I the luckiest petite political comedy website to have supporters as you or what!

And wishes for your luck to continue!

Hugs and humor Brian,



Some Good Thoughts


hey, Lisa,
that hydrothermal worm gave me the willies. ::::::::::shudder::::::::::::: reminds me of the termite commercial where they show these monsters eating houses. ;-)))
i'm so sorry to hear about your latest setback. hoping it's just a minor bump in the road. the guy who said things will get better is right. but i've been thinking ever since i read your request for good thoughts, prayers, voodoo or whatever. in creating your fantastic site, you are dealing with a lot of negative garbage out there. i wouldn't want to tell you to make a clean break from it because i don't think you could even do that, and it helps so many folks survive these super icky times. but my advice would be to try not to internalize it so much. your outlook has a lot to do with what you attract into your life. that's easy to say but not so easy to do. i went to my congresswoman's office today and basically read her the riot act about the debt ceiling. she's a rethug, Diane Black. barf!!!!!!!!!!!! so i know how upsetting this whole mess is. just try not to let it soak into you and make you sick. it's pretty toxic so handle with caution. :-) try to find as much joy in life as you can. you are a divine being and your true nature is joy, peace, perfection, and love. see if you can connect to that inner divinity and it will be a tremendous source of strength and healing for you. hope i'm not getting too preachy here, but you asked for it. ;-) keeping you in my thoughts and "spells".
love and a huge hug,


I have lit so many candles meditating that I'm afraid I'm going to burn down the travel trailer I'm staying in on my property in Alabama, (photo not included). But I agree, I had such positive energy and many friends in Costa Rica helping me in fighting my cancer but the minute I returned to the US all hell broke loose and now I am stuck here by my spouse legally preventing me to return to my cancer care. I am already 4 months overdue for my six month checkup and have just found a lump.

It is hard not to internalize that. Not to mention the dizzy spells I have been experiencing for a few months...I have convinced myself they are due to all the stress. Better that than thinking its brain

Thank you for the good vibrations. Even though things didn't take a turn for the best legally for me, without your good wishes things could have been worse.

And I say that to all who sent me good wishes.

Hugs and humor,'Kathy



Well Wishes


My sole intent is to wish you well, and get rid of the evil spirits surrounding you.

Thanks for all of your efforts during the past decade.

- Sol


Hugs for the double email set of wishes, Sid.





Good Vibrations and Cold Hard Cash

Equally Welcomed Here


Thank you Alice, Lois and Brian.


Offline Donation - Lisa Casey - PO Box 88 - Ashford, AL 36312


 Email me


Send your comments





Odd News



An impressive iceberg arrived in Newfoundland’s Goose Cove in mid-July. “Icebergs float in from Greenland,” said the photographer, Gene Patey. This one briefly blocked the town’s harbor before breaking apart and melting, “but the fishermen took their chances.” Photo: Gene Patey



Wishes to all for a peaceful weekend. Especially Norway.


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