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Tuesday edition - July 26, 2011





Glenn Beck hits 'new low'; compares Norway victims to Hitler Youth
Glenn Beck does not cry for the Norway victims at a political camp, the statements in Monday's 'The Glenn Beck Radio Show' were deemed disgusting by some...


Challenging Obama, House GOP unveils new debt bill

In a blunt challenge to President Barack Obama, House Republicans drafted legislation Monday to avert a potentially devastating Aug. 2 government default — but along lines the White House has already dismissed. U.S. and world financial markets shrugged off the uncertainty.

Lawmakers deadlocked over debt deal as default looms

The United States edged closer on Tuesday to a devastating default as Republicans and Democrats were deadlocked over competing plans to raise the debt ceiling, one week before a deadline to act.


"Beck also believes that because Breivik is a terrorist, he must therefore be a secret liberal"

Trust me Glenn Beck, if all the terrorist, murdering, psychopaths were secret liberals,
I doubt you would be around to make such idiotic comments.

BTW WTF is with that goatee? Don Johnson you're not.



2008 AHNC Flashback cartoon





Some things never change.






Teabaggers Squeezing the Boehner


Tea Party activists demanded House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner deliver on budget cuts at a rally on Monday at his Ohio offices, urging the Republican leader to "stand strong" in debt negotiations.


What Obama Was REALLY Saying in Prime-Time Speech




"Sarah Palin is becoming a grandmother again (or for the first time, who knows). It's not Bristol – Bristol, of course, is re-saving herself for marriage. This is Palin's oldest son Track. His wife is pregnant. They got married two months ago, and now she looks like she's six months pregnant. So you do the math, because certainly the Palins can't." –Bill Maher

Republican Shenanigans

The Rich CONTINUE To Get Richer




The 400 richest Americans used to pay 30% of their income on the average to Uncle Sam. Today, they pay 18% on the average






"In Washington, the air quality today was described as 'red.' I'd never heard that. 'Red,' somewhere between smog and barbeque sauce. You know what 'red' is? It's bad for everyone, not just old people, sick people and babies. When it's just bad for old people, sick people and babies, that's called a Republican budget." –Bill Maher




This morning New York's senior Senator, long a fighter for liberal causes, but also a recipient of Wall Street largesse, supported without any qualification the Democratic surrender on raising revenues from the wealthy to offset a fraction of the huge spending cuts that will be in the debt limit bill.



President Obama claims the Republicans can't say "yes" to anything. Well, apparently he hasn't asked if he can kiss their ass. - Will Durst






Rock-The-Voter News


"Michele Bachmann was in the news this week for her migraines. They say she gets terrible migraines. Some people say as often as once a week she is incapacitated by these migraines for days. Even scarier news, other days she's perfectly fine." –Bill Maher



Business News



 "In a new interview, President Obama said he wants a 'debt ceiling deal' for his 50th birthday. Then he was like, 'But if I can’t have that – iPad.'" –Jimmy Fallon


Update on the Condition Of All Hat No Cattle


I AM NOT ASKING FOR DONATIONS but I am asking for something else.


Good vibrations.


Hell, I've tried everything else to stop this onslaught of bad luck over the past few years.


A wonderful longtime online friend said to me in jest the other day that I should go to Haiti and get this curse removed from a Voodoo priest. Well, that got me to thinking, not that I believe in Voodoo but I do believe in the power of positive thought.


Although, I will gladly accept any religious removal attempt of this evil that has surrounded me.







No slaughtering of animals, please.




Below are the responses I received


Hi Lisa

Julie sends her positive thoughts as she taken a noon nap. Like you she has had her run of voodo events.

Positive from me also

dennis in CO




Lisa, I've wished so many times I could help your site...Being on a fixed income is no fun (And if the "Tea Party Republicans - read "the Koch brothers"- have their say, we won't even have that!), and if I can e-mail good vibrations, positive waves, The Force, got it in Spades! Any time, anywhere. You're site has kept a smile on my face throughout the last 10 years and any prayers, incantations , positive energy I can send...but, I agree: No ritual animal sacrifice!!! We have a dog (a "Chi-weenie"---Chihuahua-Dachshund hybrid--named Flash), and three critters have a safe spot here. Peace!!! :-)------Mike Halvorsen:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy:) happy



All I have to offer is a good ear for listening

I am out of work now for a year now so money is not something I am exactly flush up on but I can offer lots of good thoughts for you and the most positive of vibrations!.

I’m sorry I have not been sending art as often as I did but I am a little discouraged myself lately.

Guess that make my advice a little suspect but it happens to us all.

Things change Lisa, they always do and sometimes not for the better but the wheel keeps on spinning and at some point, it will get better.

It’s the law of odds. It does get better!

Even in chaos there is order.

Sometimes it has a lot to do with how you see it.


This is how I see it.


are part of the solution!





I'm sending you my good vibrations. Hope they help improve your condition in life.

Wish I could do more, but this economy has me squeezed to the bone.

I plan to ask that idiot John Boehner, who keeps saying President Obama hasn't created jobs, what jobs have been created by the Speaker of the House? I haven't seen any jobs from the Republicans and their tax cuts to the wealthy for the past ten years. And why does he say we need a constitutional amendment to balance the budget? There doesn't need to be a constitutional amendment for members of Congress to do their job. I don't expect any constitutional amendment to pass in his lifetime; they require 2/3 of each house, and _3/4_ of the states to approve - the Congress can't even agree on raising the Debt limit - how can someone expect they can get 3/4 of the states to approve something the Congress can't agree on? Wonder what hallucinogenic drugs the Speaker is taking, to be so out of touch with reality. He should lead by example, and create a job, by resigning from his job. Give up his Federal government-provided health care and other perks. Then he'd be one step closer to the average citizen that he is supposed to represent - unemployed.

Peace and be well,

- Sol



Positive thoughts to all of you and Thank you. I will immediately post if anything positive happens! And let me know if anything positive happens to you!



Below is a list of my favorite Youtube music videos I listened to yesterday and I thought you might enjoy them. ~ Lisa


I just love this song and this duo


I'm a beach baby so I relate to this


This song always makes me want to dance


Great song...juvenile video

I played this throughout my cancer treatment. It still uplifts me


Click on the true Blue button for a clip...I always thought this should have been a hit...I also like I LOVE MY BED


Hugs and positive vibes sent your way.




Odd News




This tiny ocean dwelling creature, the hydrothermal worm, was captured on an electron microscope. It is magnified 525 times! (Photo: FEI Company / Philippe Crassous / )






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"Lisa, Congrats on your sweep! As George Bush might have said, 'Lucky me, I hit the trifecta.' Seriously, I'm glad to be able to salute you and all the great laughs you provide." - Daniel Kurtzman, Guide to Political Humor.







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