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Thomas Friedman Hits Iraqi 'Vacation' Plan
By E&P Staff 7-18-07
"I’ve been in Baghdad in the summer and it is really hot. But you know what? It is a lot hotter when you’re in a U.S. military uniform, carrying a rifle and a backpack, sweltering under a steel helmet and worrying that a bomb can be thrown at you from any direction. One soldier told me he lost six pounds in one day. I’m sure the Iraqi Parliament is air-conditioned...


US: Government Report Says Al-Qaeda Planning New US Attacks
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, Czech Republic - 7-18-07
(RFE/RL) -- The White House has released portions of a classified intelligence report that says Al-Qaeda is ...

With Iraq Amendment Expected to Falter, Democrats Ponder Next Move
Congressional Quarterly - 7-18-07
 After a rare all-night debate, Senate Republicans were expected on Wednesday to prevent a vote on a Democratic measure that would require US troops to withdraw from Iraq by next spring.


What's the big deal with the Iraqi Parliament wanting to take the month of August off -- Bush always does.



Visualize We The People pulling down a statue of George W. Bush. - Grant Gerver,



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

The Taliban Grows Stronger


NATO countries are not giving the international force securing Afghanistan enough support and there are worrying signs that the Taliban are growing stronger, a detailed study by Britain's parliament has found.



Leaked from the White House: "Bush and Cheney took out impeachment insurance."  - Grant Gerver,




Disturbing News

Harriet Miers Update


Former White House aide Harriet Miers will continue to refuse to appear before a House committee, her lawyer said Tuesday despite Democrats‘ threats to hold her in contempt.


"Have you ever been to a restaurant in New Orleans? One out of three women is for sale." - Tucker Carlson, MSNBC


Republican Shenanigans


"The latest sex scandal concerns Florida Republican state Representative Bob Allen, who was arrested ... for offering to perform a sex act on an undercover police officer in exchange for $20. $20? Finally, a politician who's not afraid to put his money where his mouth is." --Jay Leno



Rock-The-Voter News

"The L.A. Catholic archdiocese has agreed to pay a $660 million settlement in a sexual lawsuit against Catholic priests. ... $660 million? Yet, nobody goes to jail and they just get to write a check. Who do these priests think they are -- Scooter Libby?" --Jay Leno




Biz-Tech News


“Well, on this latest tape, bin Laden says that a happy man is one who dies for his religion. You ever notice that the one giving this advice is never the one blowing himself up? ‘Oh, don’t worry about me, Ahmed. I want to you be happy.’”
 - Jay Leno




By Don Davis

"If W. were a real cowboy, instead of somebody who just plays one on TV, he would have cleaned up Dodge by now." - Maureen Dowd



Go-F***-Yourself News


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Odd News



Natures porn.  Sent in by AHNC viewer, Susan S.