Monday edition - July 11, 2007






Senate Democrats move to cut off Cheney's funding
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - 7-11-07
 WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats moved yesterday to cut off funding for Vice President Cheney's office in a continuing battle over whether ...

Bush fights growing chorus for exit
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 7-11-07
 Washington -- While most everyone in Washington believes the surge of 30000 troops in Iraq that began in January is nearing its end

Former Bush Adviser Says No to Senate
Washington Post - 7-11-07
WASHINGTON -- President Bush's former political director says she intends to follow his directive and not answer questions about her role in the administration's firing of federal prosecutors _ unless a court directs her to defy

We better cut something off of this administration!


 Rove's secret plan: "End war before Jeb becomes President." - Grant Gerver,




Aide: Didn't Talk To Bush About Firings
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 7-11-07
WASHINGTON (AP) - Former White House political director Sara M. Taylor told a congressional panel Wednesday that she did ...


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

The Republican Lorena Bobbitt?


[B]ack in 2000, Wendy Vitter told Newhouse News Service that she could not be as forgiving as Hillary Clinton or other political wives if her husband were unfaithful. She said back then, quote, "I'm a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me." Ew.




Disturbing News


Gift Wrapping Fecal Matter


Gone is the blue-curtained backdrop of the briefing room where the White House press secretary briefs the press from day to day, and where the president occasionally holds press conferences...In its place: A classic proscenium flanked by white columns frames a television-ready blue backdrop behind the podium of the press secretary -- or president.

Two large vertically stationed flat-screens are available to flank the podium as well, providing headlines for the day, such as Daily Press Briefing.



Republican Shenanigans



By Don Davis


Rock-The-Voter News


By Don Davis




Subject: Literary (loosely defined) contribution


Monetary contribution to follow.

I appreciate your efforts in producing AHNC although,
admittedly, Duhhbya’s been making it so much easier
(at least for lampooning) lately.

It’s a shame all his downhill inertia couldn’t be
harnessed into usable energy.


Oh My Darlin' Clemency (sung to the tune of Oh My Darlin' Clemetine)

Oh mah darlin’, Oh mah darlin’, Oh mah daaaarlin’,
Clemency, Ah have perjured and you sprung me, Oh mah
darlin’, Clemency.

There’s no wonder why you’d see me with a sly,
$hit-eatin’ grin.
Cause I knew the last minute that I’d call a favor in.

I may tap you for a pardon and I’ll Scooter away
But this deal and your administration, something still
smells quite unbathed.

In the White House, in the Congress, in the Halls of
Justice there I’d lie.
I’d never get commuted were I in Texas with a sentence
to die.



Pudgeboy - AHNC viewer



Thank you so much! Big hug!



Biz-Tech News



Go-F***-Yourself News




Subject: Yesterday's Closing Photo - Wrecking Ball


Just try to get a wrecking ball this size in to the trunk of an accord. Kudos to American car companies.







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Odd News




People are flushing with pride in a southwestern Chinese city where a recently opened porcelain palace features an Egyptian facade, soothing music and more than 1,000 toilets spread out over 3,000 square meters . Officials in Chongqing are preparing to submit an application to Guinness World Records to have the public restroom listed as the world's largest, state-run China Central Television reported Friday. Photo/China Central Television