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Thursday edition - June 16, 2011




Weiner to resign after sexting scandal, source says‎
Anthony Weiner plans to resign from Congress in the wake of a "sexting" scandal with several women and lies he repeatedly told about it, a Democratic source


Porn actress says Representative Weiner asked her to lie

A porn actress said on Wednesday that embattled Representative Anthony Weiner asked her to lie about their email relationship in the hope an Internet sex scandal surrounding him would die down

Did Gingrich Get Caught with Hand in the Cookie Jar?

According to ABC News, the former speaker of the House, may have broken the law in the manner in which he reported money paid to his for profit business from his nonprofit charity. Reportedly, his charity ReAL (Renewing American Leadership) paid $220,000 over two years to Gingrich's for profit business, Gingrich Communications for books and DVDs, but did not properly report the purchases to the IRS.


Please resign, Congressman Weiner and save your wife, family friends and the rest of US from any more visuals of your Weiner.



Congressman Weiner tried to get a porn star to lie about their relationship, but she refused. Pretty sad when the porn industry shows more integrity than a member of Congress. - Will Durst




The only thing Anthony Weiner is guilty of is being too photogenic. - David Letterman




The headline that "10% of Social Security is 'Lost' too" is deceptive and inaccurate.

As the article reveals, the program in question is NOT Social Security, it is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) a separate program administered by the Social Security Administration. The regular Social Security Retirement, Survivors and Disability programs have no where near that level of loss, likely under 1%.

SSI is a "needs based" program, essentially a welfare program, in which recipient changes in income, assets, or even address can cause inaccurate payments. While the 10% payment error finding is a concern for SSI, it is inaccurate and misleading to say that "10% of Social Security is Lost."

I've worked for Social Security since 1975!

Jim S., loyal and enthusiastic reader!


Dear Jim,

Thank you for writing.

I am so thankful for readers that are smarter than me to clarify things.

My "lost" was put in quotes to just show the lack of tracking money accurately.





Glenn Beck and Probably Jesus Will Appear Together In Israel But No GOP Presidential Candidates


None of the major 2012 GOP presidential candidates currently plan to attend an August rally in Israel being held by conservative firebrand and outgoing Fox news host Glenn Beck.




"President Obama said he'd be OK being a one-term President. And with that he shoved an iPhone down his pants and pressed 'send.'" –Conan O'Brien




Republican Shenanigans


Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British about gun control. Yeah. And Abe Lincoln declared war on the north to rid the country of tort reform. - Will Durst




"The first Republican presidential debate was held on Monday night. Seven Republican presidential candidates got together to agree on how much they dislike the government they would like to run. Imagine if you did that in a job interview." –Jimmy Kimmel

Rock-The-Voter News



"What is Weiner guilty of? He's guilty of being too photogenic. But is taking pictures of your junk and e-mailing them something you'd expect from a Congressman? No. This is something you'd expect from a priest." –David Letterman



Do They Know Jesus Was A Jew?


One of the nation’s most prominent evangelicals has entered the debate over whether Anthony Weiner will benefit from therapy, encouraging the embattled Jewish New York congressman to try Jesus instead




President Obama said regarding the economy, "The sky is not falling." The poll numbers are falling, the market is falling, support for the war in Libya is falling, Anthony Weiner’s pants are falling, but the sky is fine.- Jay Leno


Business News

Cyber Insecurity


The U.S. Senate site was hacked again yesterday, Reuters reports.

According to the news service, hackers breached the site and stole information, though the type of data taken was not divulged.


"Happy Birthday to Donald Trump, who was born 65 years ago today! It was sweet. Today Obama sent him a nice Hallmark card that said, 'Prove it.'" –Jimmy Fallon


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Odd News



This most recent photo of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords since she was shot, was posted to her public Facebook page by her aides early Sunday, June 12, 2011. The woman in the background is her mother Gloria Giffords. The photo was taken May 17, 2011 at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, the day after the launch of space shuttle Endeavour and the day before she had her cranioplasty. Giffords could be released from a rehabilitation hospital in Houston sometime this month, a top aide says, offering the latest indication that the Arizona congresswoman is making progress in recovering from a gunshot wound to the head.  Photo/, P.K. Weis



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