May 15-16,  2004 Weekend Edition

Powell: US Would Withdraw Troops at Request of Iraqi Government
WXXA, NY - 5-15-04
WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Colin Powell, under pressure from European nations ... said Friday that the United States would withdraw its troops from Iraq ...

Bush: Troops to Stay in Iraq After June 30
Voice of America, DC - 5-15-04
President Bush says US troops will stay in Iraq after the June 30 handover of power. Presumptive Democratic challenger John Kerry ...

What a difference a year makes
Independent, UK - 5-15-04
Do you remember WMD, Clare Short, the hunt for Saddam, and George Bush proclaiming the ... forces stepped up their war against Islamic militias in Iraq. ...

A war of images
Boston Globe, MA - 5-15-04
By Mark Jurkowitz, Globe Staff | May 15, 2004. The grisly images of war have come at a fast and furious pace...

I feel so safe knowing that the President and his Secretary of State are on different pages concerning the stability of Iraq.

"In Las Vegas ... you don't read the newspapers, you don't follow the news. After five days here I feel like President Bush." Jay Leno

"Bush was asked why the troops in Iraq didn't follow the Geneva Conventions in their treatment of prisoners and he replied: 'We're not in Geneva, we're in Iraq.'" Jay Leno


"We're turning over sovereignty to the Iraqi's on June 30th and the next day we're handing over the negatives." —Jay Leno

Disturbing News

73 — Days until the Democratic convention begins in Boston.
108 — Days until the Republican convention opens in New York.

"Now that Google's stock is coming out, they asked President Bush if he had ever Googled. He said, 'Every morning with Listerine." Jay Leno

Biz/Tech News

Bush Flip Flops

Bush, wife plan to join daughters for their college graduations
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - 5-15-04

Bushes decline twin daughters' graduation ceremonies
CNN - May 6, 2004

"It's come to this: we've now reached a point where the most fearful things coming out of Iraq are no longer weapons of mass destruction but Polaroids."  Jon Stewart

Republican Shenanigans

Kerry hits Florida GOP stronghold
Palm Beach Post, FL - May 11, 2004
JACKSONVILLE -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry ventured into this Republican corner of ... A plane carrying a "Florida Is Bush Country!" sign flew ...

"At the President's stop in Ohio, 5,000 people gathered to cheer his record on jobs. Then they all flew back to India." Craig Kilborn

"Apparently once you take full responsibility, there's still a little responsibility left to spread around. Rumsfeld also claimed he had no knowledge of these incidents before the release of the pictures last week ... So Rumsfeld says he's responsible. But who's responsible for his responsibility?"  Jon Stewart

President Hotdog Strikes Again AP

Early visitors to the annual air show at Andrews Air Force base outside Washington got a surprise display Friday from the nation's most famous jetliner.

President Bush departed from the base aboard Air Force One under what officials called a "Max Take off" — showboating for spectators watching the air show.

In a short, steep takeoff, Bush lifted off in under 20 seconds, soaring past crowds of people, display tents and all manner of parked aircraft. As it headed west, the plane came unusually close to a helicopter flying in the vicinity.

John Kerry News

Good News

Odd News


This 08 April, 2004 image courtesy of Scaled Composites shows the second powered flight of SpaceShipOne. The privately-financed rocket ship has reached a record altitude of 65 kilometers (40 miles) during a test flight, its US makers announced. (HO)

Peace and have a great weekend.