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Tuesday edition - April 18, 2006



Former Illinois governor guilty in corruption case
Seattle Times, United States - 4-18-06
Former Gov. George Ryan was convicted of corruption charges Monday in the scandal that ended his political career in 2003 at the same time he was winning international acclaim for commuting the sentences of every inmate on Illinois' death row.


Doolittle hired lawyer for advice on Abramoff
Sacramento Bee,  USA - 4-18-06
Three weeks after Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to three federal felony crimes, Rep. John Doolittle turned for legal advice concerning his own association with Abramoff to a former associate of special prosecutor Ken Starr whose legal specialties now include white-collar crime and public corruption.

DeLay's war chest grows to $1.4 million
Houston Chronicle, United States - 4-18-06
... Tom DeLay raised campaign money at a relatively high rate in the six weeks before revealing that he planned to give up his congressional seat, according to ...


I wonder if George Ryan commuted the sentences of those prisoners because he knew he'd get brownie points when he landed in the pokey?



"The White House annual Easter egg hunt is this weekend. The kids, this year, have some extra help because President Bush came out on the lawn and leaked the location of the eggs." --David Letterman






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"A UCLA study shows 7% of people still believe in the Easter Bunny. I believe these are the same people who believe President Bush is doing a good job in Iraq." --Jay Leno



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Moussaoui: Bush Will Free Me


For the first time in four years of fighting to represent himself or get a Muslim lawyer, he finally explained the defense he wanted to put on. With U.S. troops engaged around the world, Moussaoui said, a life sentence would make him available "as a bargaining chip they could exchange for U.S. troops" held prisoner.

"This would work with even the most vengeful juror," Moussaoui said. "Put him in jail and one day he could save an American life."

He told Spencer he's dreamed that President Bush will do this before leaving office in 2009.


Disturbing News



Eight Months After Katrina: FEMA Moves 25 Trailers - 9,975 Still In Storage


Twenty-five trailers once intended to shelter victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi have been moved to northeast Arkansas to provide homes for people who lost them when tornadoes struck two weeks ago.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency,
tapping its stock of 10,000-plus mobile homes in storage at the Hope Airport, moved 13 trailers Monday to Marmaduke, where they will house people who lost their homes in tornadoes two weeks ago. On Saturday, 12 trailers were sent from Hope to Marmaduke.



Jenna Bush Update


Laura Bush told "Good Morning America" in February 2005 that Jenna Bush's frequent date Henry Hager "is not a serious boyfriend." But there he and Jenna were ...


Republican Shenanigans


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The 2006 Pulitzer Prize Winners


Biz-Tech News


President Bush's childhood home in Midland, Texas, will be officially turned into a museum. Yeah. Yeah, so -- so it turns out that the President has been to a museum. -- Conan O'Brien

Bush-Prison-Torture News



Top Ten Features Of President Bush's Bird Flu Pandemic Plan - David Letterman

10. Hang "Mission Accomplished" sign in every Kentucky Fried Chicken

9. Torture some Perdue employees until they talk

8. Scare birds away with giant radioactive kitties

7. Be on the lookout for any bird which looks "fluey"

6. Build wall along border so birds can't walk in from Mexico

5. Never leave the house, avoid human contact -- like Letterman

4. Tax cuts for the rich

3. C'mon, it's a Bush plan -- you actually think there's ten items?

2. If you see a bird, run like you're being chased by a tiger

1. Hang on until 2009 when it becomes Hillary's headache



Go-F*ck-Yourself News




Do you know that the average American works until lunchtime every day just to pay his federal, state and local taxes? So if you are going to fool around at work, do it in the morning on the government's time. -- Jay Leno


Odd News







A mother holds her toddler petting a 10-year-old, 4-meter (13-foot) -long python snake at the Dusit Zoo, in Bangkok, Thailand.. Proposed legislation in Florida, could force python buyers to complete state training, buy a license and face jail time if they let their snakes loose. (Photo/Sakchai Lalit)