Wednesday edition - April 16, 2008



State Department warns diplomats of compulsory Iraq duty
The Associated Press - 4-16-08
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is warning US diplomats they may be forced to serve in Iraq next year and says it will soon start identifying prime..


Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite American’s Plea
New York Times -4-16-08
BAGHDAD - A company of Iraqi soldiers abandoned their positions on Tuesday night in Sadr City, defying American soldiers who implored them to hold the line against Shiite militias

Bush, big White House crowd to greet pope on his birthday
The Associated Press - 4-16-08
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush has quite a birthday present for Pope Benedict XVI: at least 9000 excited guests gathered on the White House's South Lawn


"General David Petraeus was grilled by the presidential candidates and other congressional leaders on Capitol Hill for two days last week. He said he couldn't wait to get back to Iraq, where the government is much more friendly and compassionate." --Jay Leno


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



The fourth suicide this year among mentally ill patients treated at the Dallas VA Medical Center has led the hospital to close its psychiatric ward to new patients, and investigators from the national Veterans Affairs office are expected to arrive next week to assess safety.



Barack Obama was called elitist on Sunday for saying small-town Americans turn to guns and religion when they get bitter. He should admit to being elitist. After eight years of a regular guy in the White House, a guy who is better than everybody might be a nice change of pace. - Argus Hamilton




Disturbing News


"Barack Obama had said small town Americas cling to things like their guns because they're bitter. That is ridiculous. You don't cling to your gun because you're bitter. You shoot your gun because you're bitter. Then you cling to it because it's so nice and warm." --Stephen Colbert



CNN Diplomacy


CNN said Wednesday that commentator Jack Cafferty was referring to China's leaders — not the Chinese people — when he described them as a "bunch of goons and thugs," and apologized to anyone who thought otherwise.
On Tuesday, China demanded an apology for Jack Cafferty's comments broadcast on CNN, in which he also described Chinese products as "junk."


Chris Matthews in the Senate? Now That’s Where We’ll REALLY See Some Old-Time ‘Hardball’

By Don Davis



Republican Shenanigans



"Barack Obama got himself into a little hot water in Pennsylvania, when he said small town people become bitter, and cling to guns or religion because of economic problems. Well, sure, you pray your house doesn't repossess, and when they take it, you pull out your gun. Makes perfect sense." --Jay Leno


WSJ Parody


A parody of the Wall Street Journal that features a full-page spread of a topless Ann Coulter has miffed News Corp. execs to the point that they’re apparently attempting to keep the tabloid off the stands.


Rock-The-Voter News


Mitt Romney pledged Thursday to raise fifteen million dollars for John McCain's campaign. Perhaps he thinks it will help him get the VP nod. Perhaps he doesn't see the raids on Texas polygamy ranches giving him a perception problem down the road. - Argus Hamilton



Biz-Tech News


"You know we all hate paying taxes, but the truth of the matter is without our tax money, many politicians wouldn't be able to afford prostitutes." - Jimmy Kimmel


Who Says John McCain’s Tone-Deaf on the Economy?

By Don Davis




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"The Pope will be here tomorrow. You know who's picking him up at the airport? President Bush. This is true. It's the first time the President has ever picked up a visiting leader at the airport. See, that's when you know your presidency is winding down, when you're picking up people at the airport. And they expect tens of thousands of well-wishers to show up. Tens for Bush and thousands for the Pope." --Jay Leno




Go-F***-Yourself News


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Porites matrices grow in the Bravo Crater in this handout photo made available April 14, 2008. Coral is again flourishing in the crater left by the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated by the United States, 54 years after the blast on Bikini Atoll, marine scientists said on Tuesday. Quick, raise your hand if you want Bikini Atoll Mahi Mahi for dinner tonight.


Photo/Australian Research Council