TGIF/Weekend edition - March 7-9, 2008




War profiteering by tax dodge
Boston Globe, United States - 3-7-08
FOR YEARS, companies more interested in profits than patriotism have registered overseas or used foreign subsidiaries to avoid US taxes.


Not a lot Bush can do on oil prices-White House
Reuters - 3-7-08
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There is "not a lot" President George W. Bush can do in the near-term to tame record high oil prices after OPEC declined to boost

New Book on Iraq and Media -- by E&P's Editor -- Published This Week
Editor & Publisher - 3-7-08
So readers can follow the controversies surrounding Judith Miller, Pat Tillman, Donald Rumsfeld, "Scooter" Libby and even Stephen Colbert, among many others


President Bush warned Tuesday the U.S. will back Colombia if it goes to war with Ecuador and Venezuela. He chose the cocaine country over two oil countries. The president is serious about ending our addiction to oil, and one out of two isn't bad. - Argus Hamilton




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

 Psychiatrists Needed


U.S. troops on the battlefield found it harder to get the mental health care they needed last year, when violence rose in Afghanistan and new tactics pushed soldiers in Iraq farther from their operating bases.



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Disturbing News



Missing FBI Agent


Still hopeful, the wife of a former FBI agent who vanished a year ago from an Iranian island said Thursday a meeting with State Department officials produced no new information about his whereabouts.



"It was a great night for John McCain. In fact, all is going just perfectly for John McCain until today when President Bush endorsed him for president. All that hard work right down the drain. The truth is, McCain asked President Bush to endorse him. I'm starting to think that maybe the guy likes torture." --Jimmy Kimmel




Republican Shenanigans News


"And on the Republican side? [on screen: McCain saying, 'We have won enough delegates to claim with confidence, humility, and a great sense of responsibility that I will be the Republican nominee for president of the United States']. Senator McCain, congratulations. All it took was grit, patience, and what was, in retrospect, a cartoonishly weak field of opponents." --Jon Stewart

Playing the Name Calling Card


A senior foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama was forced to apologize Thursday night for describing Hillary Clinton as a "monster" during an interview with a Scottish newspaper, a major embarrassment to the Illinois senator who promised voters he wouldn't engage in the politics of personal destruction.


Rock-The-Voter News



Playing The Name Calling Card


Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign compared rival Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday to independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr, the Clintons' chief nemesis of the 1990s...Howard Wolfson told reporters in a conference call. "I for one do not believe that imitating Ken Starr is the way to win a Democratic primary election for president."


“Political experts are saying that Barack Obama, if he’s the nominee, should choose…a running mate who is older, a veteran, and from a different part of the country. … Yeah, so today, Obama chose John McCain.” - Conan O'Brien






Subject: Hillary's latest...


Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to get your take on Hillary’s comments this week regarding McCain’s ability to be Commander in Chief along with her comment that “Obama made a speech in 2002”. I find this completely disturbing and unacceptable. Honestly, I’ve never been a supporter of her, but I’ve never really disliked her before now. I know you’ve been getting a lot of harassment because of your support for Hillary, so I’m just wondering if her comments, praising the Republican nominee above her Democratic rival bother you at all. How can she say she’s not doing any damage to the Democratic Party with this kind of rhetoric? It’s one thing to go after your opponent, but to praise John McCain, as if he would be better than Obama? I know what she’s trying to accomplish, but let’s face it, regardless of what happened on Tuesday, she not much better off than she was on Monday. Her chances of being the nominee are slim. She’s just given John McCain a wonderful ad to use against Obama.



Thanks for writing, Lori.


Obama's weakest link is his lack of experience. And Obama supporter's weakest link is not realizing that fact.


McCain and Hillary have heavy credentials and Hillary is not about to ignore or denigrate McCain's experience, as Obama supporters do to Hillary. She playing politics and it's not dirty, it's smart.


If you think the campaign from Hillary is bad, think of this -- nothing has happened like Willie Horton scare ads (1988) or denigrating Al Gore's Vietnam service (2000) or the swiftboating of John Kerry (2004).


I know Hillary can withstand those type of attacks from the right if she becomes the Democratic nominee, I'm not so sure Obama can.







Biz/Tech News


"So how did the final four fare in last night's crucial Texas and Ohio primaries? Perhaps the opening words from their speeches tell the tale. Sure, each scene looked festive, but is it? Let's start with Hillary Clinton [on screen: HRC saying, 'This nation is coming back, and so is this campaign']. I swear to God, I'm starting to think she's one of those Terminators. She can't be stopped. You throw them in the vat, you think it's over, and all of a sudden, the little droplets start to recoagulate, and she rises up -- I won Ohio!" --Jon Stewart




Bush-Prison-Torture News


“Hillary Clinton said that she raised $35 million in the month of February, which is fantastic. Now she can afford a really nice vacation as soon as she drops out of the race.” Conan O'Brien





Go-F**k-Yourself News


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A handout photograph shows Britain's oldest employee, 101-year-old Buster Martin, posing for the camera during a training session in Archbishop's Park, central London on February 13, 2007. Martin aims to become the world's oldest marathon runner by completing the London Marathon and celebrating with a pint of beer and a cigarette. Sprightly and bearded, he recently completed a half marathon in five hours 13 minutes. Photo/Mario Rebellato


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