March 17,  2003 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Blair: War by Wednesday
Common Dreams - 3-17-03
TONY Blair has told his Cabinet to brace itself for war on Iraq ... before setting off for today’s ‘war summit’ with the American President George Bush ...
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       Sr. Member Of British Cabinet Resigns Over Iraq War - WBAL-TV
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Today's cartoon was inspired by how the Irish have endured terrorism from the English for over 700 years and still have a sense of humor.


Here's a few questions guaranteed to drive the right wingers bonkers.
What if Bush fails to get a majority plus one, nine votes, for war against
Iraq at the UN Security Council? Would be like losing the popular vote and
still getting to do what you want? Or, maybe Bush will just get together
with a few close friends and decide what should be done about Iraq. Deja vue
of the 2000 election -- Bush loses the vote and has it his way. Would you
rather have the president screwed in the White House or have the president
screw the country?
Rick O'Dell

Good questions.

Bush is playing toy soldiers with 250,000 men and women in the Gulf.

My answer is that Bush is going to start an unprovoked war with or without the UN.

The United States has NO other allies. Than the 1¼ they paraded before the twelve flags yesterday. (Incidentally why wasn’t Bulgaria invited?)

JEB WATCH: Privatizing death row appeals will surely accelerate executions

March to the beat of this great flash animation by SYMBOLMAN.COM

and another great flash Pentagoons by Symbolman

War is just, as sure as St. Pat's Irish

By Tom Blackburn, Palm Beach Post Editorial Writer
Monday, March 17, 2003

For a while there, it looked as if today would be D-day, when the needs of George W. Bush and Tony Blair coincided to start the war. As St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, they would drive the snake out of Iraq, and on March 17 at that.
Read some fascinating history in this editorial

Shamrock ban for McAleese

PRESIDENT Mary McAleese will not be allowed to bring shamrock into Australia when she visits for St Patrick's Day.

Ireland's national symbol has been added to the country's banned plant list since the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in 2001 - and no exceptions are being made to the rule, even for the President.

Unlike Bertie Ahern, who will be presenting George Bush with a bowl of shamrock, Mrs McAleese will not be allowed do so under strict quarantine regulations.

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In case you missed it check out HercuBush it is just too Mel Brooks.