TGIF/Weekend edition - February 9-11, 2007





NBC's Russert: Witness Stand Unpleasant
WJLA, DC - 2-9-07
Russert did say he was "stunned" when he heard that Libby said he had learned Plame's identity from him, saying, "I said that just can't be. ...


Pentagon Says Pre-war Intel Not Illegal
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 2-9-07
WASHINGTON (AP) - Some of the Pentagon's prewar intelligence work, including a contention...

Gates: US has evidence of Iran helping insurgents
CNN - 2-9-07
Gates, who is attending his first NATO defense ministers meeting, said Iran is "very much involved in providing either the technology or the weapons ...


Remember when Libby was on crutches at the beginning of his trial?



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Oh, That Wild and Crazy Bush Twin


Barbara Bush (the eldest twin) mingled, nearly unnoticed...Bush, who is working for a nonprofit arts-education organization in the city, said she'd skipped seeing shows because she couldn't get off work. "I thought about calling in sick, but my bosses would figure it out pretty quickly," she said. .."I've been to enough fashion shows to know how fun they are," she said, rolling her eyes ever so slightly. "My first show ever was Heatherette when I was a freshman and Amanda Lepore came out naked, wearing just lipstick. I'm completely spoiled. Every time I see a show now, it's like, 'Really? That's all you're going to do?  You just want me to look at the clothes?'"



By Don Davis



Disturbing News





It's OK When Republicans Do It


One of President Bush's uncles, William H.T. Bush, was among directors of a defense contractor who reaped $6 million from what federal regulators say was an illegal scheme by two executives to manipulate the timing of stock option grants, documents show.


Republican Shenanigans


“Last night, Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy became the first African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl. And today, President Bush called to congratulate him. Isn’t that nice? That was very nice, yeah. Yeah, there was a -- there was an awkward moment when Bush said, ‘I also thought you were great in the halftime show.’”- Conan O’Brien




It's OK When Republicans Do It


A state senator used foul language in a talk to high school students in his district, but defended himself by saying he was just repeating what some students wrote about him on a Web site.


Pelosi Plane Ordered by Sergeant-at-arms

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not request a larger plane for personal use to travel cross-country without stopping, Bill Livingood, the House sergeant at arms, said Thursday.

Livingood said the request was his, and he made it for security reasons.

"The fact that Speaker Pelosi lives in California compelled me to request an aircraft that is capable of making non-stop flights for security purposes, unless such an aircraft is unavailable," Livingood, who has been at his post for 11 years, said in a written statement.



By Don Davis



Good News



Biz-Tech News



Bush-Prison-Torture News



Go-F***-Yourself News




"The astronaut love triangle. I love that one. NASA hasn't had this much press since they faked that moon-landing thing in the '60s." --Craig Ferguson



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Odd News




Flyn Novak, of Haleiwa, Hawaii, takes a flying leap as he wipes out on a huge wave during the third round of the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro, at the Banzai Pipeline in Haleiwa, Hawaii, on the North Shore of Oahu. The contest is one of the most dangerous on the surfing circuit. . One more day of competition will be held by Friday, Feb. 9. (Photo/Carol Cunningham)




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