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Bush Budget Would Bring Record Deficits
The Associated Press - 2-5-08
WASHINGTON (AP) The record $3.1 trillion budget proposed by President Bush on Monday would produce eyepopping federal deficits, despite his attempts to


It's Super Tuesday Coast to Coast
The Associated Press - 2-5-08
WASHINGTON (AP) - Rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama agreed on one thing Tuesday - that the coast to coast balloting would not settle their pitched struggle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Prince: US ignored UK over Iraq
CNN International - 2-5-08
LONDON, England (CNN) -- The United States could have avoided the post-invasion chaos in Iraq had it listened to, and learned from, the British


Barack Obama prays for "Eli Manning Moment" - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

What Happened To The Missing E-mail?


An advocacy group on Monday sought a criminal probe of the White House over millions of possibly missing e-mails, saying someone may have deliberately deleted them to conceal involvement in a potential crime.



Bush's economic stimulus package is already working: Exxon Mobil made more money than any other company, ever.- Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com





Disturbing News


Bush Overruled - Whales Win


President George W. Bush should not have exempted the Navy from obeying laws intended to protect endangered whales and other marine mammals by curbing the use of sonar off the California coast, a federal judge ruled on Monday.




"Both the Republicans and the Democrats have competing growth packages. Let me tell you something, the only person with a growth package in this country that works -- Barry Bonds" --Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans News

Michelle Obama Speaks


Bad blood between the Obamas and the Clintons seeped into public view Monday as Michelle Obama hesitated at first over whether she could support Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination....Asked if she could see herself working to support Clinton should she be the nominee, Michelle Obama replied, "I'd have to think about that."

"Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the race. I will miss Rudy Giuliani as a comedian. I will miss the arguments he had with Mitt Romney. It was like a Halloween costume debating a mannequin." --Bill Maher



Hillary said that on David Letterman.


Rock-The-Voter News


Bush legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering
By Richard A. Clarke

When I left the Bush administration in 2003, it was clear to me that its strategy for defeating terrorism was leaving our nation more vulnerable and our people in a perilous place. Not only did its policies misappropriate resources, weaken the moral standing of America, and threaten long-standing legal and constitutional provisions, but the president also employed misleading and reckless rhetoric to perpetuate his agenda.


"Did you all see Barack Obama and Hillary last night at that debate? Did you see them sitting side by side, staring at the camera? They looked like one of those bad local eyewitness news teams. 'Let's go to Barack for the weather. Thank you, Hillary.'" --Jay Leno





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"I asked my daughter who she liked for president today. She told me she likes Obama because he has big ears like Will Smith. You know, ear size is one of the key issues with young people nowadays." --Jimmy Kimmel

Bush-Prison-Torture News

News That Drives The Right Wing Crazy


Scientists have created a human embryo with three parents in a breakthrough they hope could lead to effective treatments for a range of serious hereditary diseases.





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Painted snake : A model's hand is painted to look like a snake's head by Italian animal hand artist Guido Daniele at Harrods department store, in central London. Photo/Guido Daniele