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Obama Photo Causes Stir
The Associated Press - 2-25-08
The Clinton campaign did not comment on the distribution of the photo, but campaign manager Maggie Williams said the Obama campaign's reaction was inflaming...


FCC fines Fox stations for raunchy reality show
Reuters - 2-25-08
The commission fined 13 Fox stations and affiliates $7000 each. In its order Friday, the FCC said simply pixilizing female breasts and buttocks during a

Nader lashes out at Democrats, defends candidacy
CNN - 2-25-08
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Ralph Nader lashed out at the Democratic presidential candidates Monday after they said he could hurt their chances of taking back the White House

By the way, I tried to find Hillary in a funny outfit and couldn't.

"In Afghanistan, a helicopter carrying three US senators had to make an emergency landing because of bad weather. All three senators are okay. Wasn't that the plot of the last "Rambo" movie? ... No, in the helicopter were Senators Chuck Hagel, Joe Biden, and John Kerry. See, they are part of our new military offensive against al Qaeda, Operation Bore Them to Death. They give speeches, the people fall asleep, we attack." --Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"Scientists now believe that a child's intellectual power, a child's brain power, a child's I.Q., is inherited solely from the mother. All the intelligence of a child comes from the mother. These findings are based on the study of the Bush twins." --Jay Leno


Meanwhile, Back In North Korea


North Koreans tore down anti-American posters lining the streets of Pyongyang Sunday as musicians with the New York Philharmonic prepared for an unprecedented visit they hope brings the countries closer.




Disturbing News


"Boy oh boy, did you read about John McCain, ladies and gentlemen? Beautiful blond young woman, and she is now in phase one, the woman is now in phase one of a Washington scandal: denial; phase two, of course, is the book deal; phase three, posing nude for Playboy." --David Letterman


Bush Legacy In The Middle East: High Prices


Even as it enriches Arab rulers, the recent oil-price boom is helping to propel an extraordinary rise in the cost of food and other basic goods that is squeezing this region's middle class and setting off strikes, demonstrations and occasional riots from Morocco to the Gulf.

In Jordan, the soaring price of oil led the government to remove almost all its costly fuel subsidies this month, pushing the price of some fuels up 76 percent overnight. In a devastating domino effect, the cost of basic foods like eggs, potatoes and cucumbers doubled or more.



Republican Shenanigans News


"But, I want to tell you something, the Republicans, they're not taking this scandal lightly. They are very concerned about this new scandal, yes, they are. But, on the bright side, it doesn't involve an airport men's room." --David Letterman



The Rhythm Method


President George W. Bush has rhythm, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice assured reporters on Friday after watching her boss join African dancers during his five-nation tour of the continent this week.



Obama Probably Doesn't Want This Endorsement


 In his first major public address since a cancer crisis, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said Sunday that presidential candidate Barack Obama is the "hope of the entire world" that the U.S. will change for the better.


Rock-The-Voter News


McCain Goes After Cuban Vote


Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain Friday said he hoped Fidel Castro's resignation would be followed by his speedy demise, and rapped Democrat Barack Obama for offering talks with Cuba's next leader.

"Fidel Castro announced that he would not remain as president -- whatever that means," McCain said in Indianapolis.

"And I hope that he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon.





Biz/Tech News





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I wish I could give you a larger donation but I hope the little I've been able to give helps out. I just hope that even with the possible new Democratic administration your readers don't forget about all the good laughs, mutual tears and most importantly, all the hard work you've dedicated to helping expose the crooks and scoundrels since long before the mainstream populous got with the program. Way before it was cool to bash Bush you were doing it with style and I'll always be grateful to you for being a lonely voice of reason in what was a very dark time in our nation.

I wish I could believe the worst was behind us but even with Bush gone he leaves in his wake a lot of misery, despair and instability as well as a much more powerful privatized/corporatized government (Blackwater and Halliburton are obvious private versions of what used to be a national military; not to mention deregulated private broadcast, defunded public broadcast, environmental and consumer protections, science and medical research, as well as finance and credit regulations, energy and just about anything government once regulated or protected has been pawned off), and the ever growing irrational right-wing hate-machine... We need places like AHNC more than ever.

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The Cunard ocean liner QE2 passes between the Sydney Opera House (foreground) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as she departs from the Sydney Harbour February 25, 2008. The 70,327-tonne liner is on her final round-the-world voyage ahead of becoming a floating hotel in Dubai. Photo/Cunard/James Morgan