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Soldiers Back From War Fight Different Battle
WPXI.com, PA - 2-13-07
Soldiers who were paralyzed, suffered brain damage and lost limbs owe the government enlistment bonus money. They must pay the money back because they ...


Doubts raised on linking of Iran to US deaths in Iraq
Boston Globe, MA - 2-14-07
Security analysts and critics of the Bush administration are questioning the quality of intelligence presented by three unidentified US officials in Baghdad on Sunday to demonstrate the Iranian government's ties to sophisticated explosives that have killed 170 US soldiers in Iraq...

UNICEF: US, British Children Worst Off
WKRN, TN - 2-14-07
The United States and Britain ranked at the bottom of a UN survey released Wednesday evaluating the well-being of children in ...


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"The Dixie Chicks won five Grammys. I don't want to say President Bush was upset, but today he tried to get the Supreme Court to overturn the ballot results. It only works once." --Jay Leno


Cabinet Meeting



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

North Korea Flip Flop


"This is a very bad deal," former U.N. ambassador John R. Bolton told CNN. "It contradicts fundamental premises of the president's policy he's been following for the past six years. And second, it makes the administration look very weak at a time in Iraq . . . when it needs to look strong."


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"This weekend, President Bush gave a speech honoring Abraham Lincoln's birthday. There was an awkward moment when Bush referred to Lincoln as 'the guy who invented the penny.'" --Conan O'Brien


Disturbing News


“The operation to secure Baghdad will take time, and there will be violence.” GWB 2/1/4/07



Supreme Court Justice's Daughter Drives 1996 Econoline Van and Oh, She Got Arrested For DUI


A daughter of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was arrested Monday night in Wheaton and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment, Wheaton Deputy Police Chief Thomas Meloni said.

Ann S. Banaszewski, 45, was stopped about 7:25 p.m. in a 1996 Ford Econoline van


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Republican Shenanigans

Reading - A Lost Skill Under Bush


THE US ambassador to Australia has not read the ANZUS Treaty, the key document on which the security alliance between the two countries is based.


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"But the big story of the night was, of course, the Dixie Chicks, who won five awards. ... At first, I thought the Chicks were a little rude in the acceptance speech. They forgot to thank all the terrorists who made their artistic vision a reality." --Stephen Colbert


Rock-The-Voter News

Shutting Out the Messenger


It may be a whole lot quieter in the remodeled White House Press Briefing Room when it opens in a few months.

Just days after the Washington Press Club Foundation presented its lifetime achievement award to legendary journalist Helen Thomas, rumors have begun to circulate that the scrappy veteran might lose her high-priced real estate in the White House briefing room.




By Don Davis






Biz-Tech News


"Money trumps peace." GWB 2/14/07





Why we need embryonic stem-cell research now: to find a cure for "Bushzheimer's Disease" - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Go-F***-Yourself News

Why I’m Qualified To Be Dick Cheney’s Top Aide
By Madeleine Begun Kane

According to Libby’s defender,
His mem’ry’s a major offender:
It is creaky as hell
And it’s leaky, as well.
Mine too – I could be a contender.




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In this photo provided by Darren Horness, Darren Horness of Howards Grove, lays on the ice next to the 72-inch, 102-pound sturgeon he speared Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007, on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. The fish came up within 6 inches of the surface inside his ice shack, he said. About 8,000 fishermen spearhunt sturgeon each year on Lake Winnebago and its upriver lakes. In his seven years, Horness hadn't come close to a fish that big. (Photo/ Courtesy of Darren Horness)