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Wednesday edition - December 5, 2007





Condoleezza Rice forced to testify in pro-Israel lobbyists' spy trial
Guardian Unlimited, UK - Nov 4, 2007
The former deputy Pentagon chief, Paul Wolfowitz, will also be compelled to testify. The Aipac officials are the first people to face charges under a 1917...


State Dept. Holds Off on Saudi Arms Deal
The Associated Press - 12-5-07
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department has agreed to wait until January to pursue plans to sell precision-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia, after senior-ranking

Rice plans to name Wolfowitz to advisory panel
Reuters - Dec 3, 2007
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Paul Wolfowitz, forced to resign from the World Bank because of his role in obtaining a high-paying promotion for his companion,


Rewarding failure seems be the mantra of this administration. The arrogance of Condoleezza Rice bringing the failed Paul Wolfowitz back into the fold is stunning. I suppose he'll advise that a war with Iran will pay for itself -- all the while combing his hair with his own spit.




Condi Rice was reported Monday to be ready to appoint Paul Wolfowitz chairman of her panel on arms control. His job will be to monitor Iran and North Korea. We need a man with proven ability to misinterpret intelligence and start a war for no reason. - Argus Hamilton


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Bush Headed to Israel


President Bush will travel to the Middle East early next month, the White House announced Tuesday.
The trip is expected to include Bush's first visit to Israel as president.
News outlets in Israel reported Tuesday that Bush is scheduled to arrive there Jan. 9.








Disturbing News




Subject: Intel Report on Iran



All the Intel agencies (NIE)  have slapped down the Bush claim of Iran pursuing nukes.

No one wants to take the fall for another war we get lied into.

And now Condi and her cohorts have to testify in a lobbyist's spy trial.

Maybe the CIA is connecting the dots in their expected covert way?



Bush was arrogant AND stupid enough to stun our entire Intel community by outing a CIA agent for political revenge and iced it with a pardon. He still doesn't get it. Bush is pitting himself against the CIA.  I'd bet the ranch on the CIA versus Bush.


After all, the CIA has the Intelligence -- Bush doesn't.


I know, cheap joke. heh heh






Republican Shenanigans


Don Imus returned to the radio airwaves Monday over WABC New York. The country is giving him a clean slate. The fact that he has hired two black sidekicks lets everybody know that he is a changed man and will only tell Mexican jokes from now on. - Argus Hamilton




What Will The New Attorney General Do?


A House committee chairman looking into the leak of a CIA operative's identity asked for Attorney General Michael Mukasey's help in getting transcripts of investigators' interviews with President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and five White House aides.


Click here for the political view from Racine, Wisconsin

Rock-The-Voter News




Subject: Scarborough wonders if Catholics are a cult


He asked that on his show today. Idiot.


Catholicism was the first recorded Christian religion. Catholics consider all other Christian religions a cult because they broke away from Rome for either political or ideological religious reasons. The Catholics are the only Christian religion not to change or edit the Bible.


I'm an atheist and even I know my religious history.



Staying up way too late in Berlin, Germany via satellite


Danke schön, Al. Thanks for watching Joe, so I don't have to.


Joe is the prime example of a poor education, religious or otherwise, in a very Christian right area, Pensacola, Florida.


Oddly enough, in his Wiki bio, it says he was educated in a Catholic school and that he's not Catholic, but neglects to mention was religion he practices.


I couldn't find out what religion he belongs to, but I'm guessing Southern Baptist - Specializing in Snake Handling and Speaking in Tongues





Biz-Tech News

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Doesn't Read Editorials


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says he's shocked when he sees judges reading editorials. "I think that our job is not to be influenced by the media," he says. He isn't. "It is rare, extremely rare, that I ever read about anything that we do in the media," ...




Bush-Prison-Torture News



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A model wears a mini dress made with chocolate balls by a Swiss manufacturer, London, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2007. The dress is said to contain over 70,000 calories. Photo/Alastair Grant