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TGIF/Weekend edition - December 14-16, 2007



House Votes to Ban Harsh CIA Methods
The Associated Press -12-14-07
WASHINGTON (AP) — The House approved an intelligence bill Thursday that would prohibit the CIA from using waterboarding, mock executions and other harsh..


Inspector General for Iraq Under Investigation
Washington Post, United States - 12-14-07
By Robin Wright Over the past four years, Inspector General Stuart W. Bowen Jr. and his staff have probed allegations of waste and fraud in the $22 billion US effort to rebuild Iraq. Their work has led to arrests, indictments and millions of dollars in

Pelosi: Republicans "Like" the War in Iraq
ABC News - 12-14-07
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is drawing heat for suggesting her political opponents are fond of the war in Iraq.


We're America! Why should we torture? We should just hire one of our ultra wealthy pharmaceutical companies to develop a fool proof truth serum!



"Now there is a new biography of President Bush out, have you heard this? Where it says the president cries a lot. The president said, 'I do tears.' So lets see, he's impulsive, he's stubborn, he's weepy. Sorry Hillary, apparently we already have our first female president." --Bill Maher




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Another Defeat for Bush


In a stinging defeat for the Bush administration, one of seven Miami men accused of plotting to join forces with Al Qaeda to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower was acquitted yesterday, and the case against the rest ended in a hung jury.




Subject: Pelosi & Impeachment


I've come to the conclusion that the reason Nancy Pelosi won't Impeach or
pull out of the war is that the only economy we have left is the war economy.
If they stopped the war we would go into a Depression. The job market is
closing up and people are scared. It is the only thing that makes sense to me.
Without the war - what do we have to generate jobs? We need the alternative energy
job market to open up but that will never happen under Bush.




Either that or she doesn't want to be the first female House Speaker to impeach a president, and lose. She doesn't have enough votes anyway.


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Disturbing News


Huckabee Chooses Jesus as Running Mate: Move to Shore Up Evangelical Base Andy Borowitz (satire)



Republican Shenanigans


The White House released its annual Christmas comedy video starring Barney the dog and President Bush on Wednesday. This year it's much shorter than planned. The scene where Barney is chewing on the leg of a detainee at Guantanamo had to be burned. - Argus Hamilton


Click here for the political view from Racine, Wisconsin


New Jersey Is #1


With New Jersey poised to become the first state in four decades to abolish the death penalty, opponents of the practice declared a historic victory and hoped other states would follow suit.

The Assembly voted 44-36 on Thursday to approve the legislation, which passed the Senate on Monday by a 21-16 vote. Gov. Jon S. Corzine said he will sign it within a week.


Imus: "Why don't you like Huckabee? Because you're gay, or what?" Media Matters for America


Rock-The-Voter News




"Congress asked several current and former baseball players to testify before them about the steroid scandal but only two players showed up. Apparently the others players don't have the balls." --Craig Ferguson




Biz-Tech News


Top Ten Good Things About Marrying Into The Bush Family - David Letterman

10. Great deals on Fallujah honeymoon

 9. You'll inherit President Bush's extensive collection of Chuck Norris memorabilia

 8. It's a good bet the wedding reception will have an open bar

 7. Might see Cheney shoot an old guy-- still a reference, folks

 6. Learning from grandma Barbara how to spit chaw

 5. Every Wednesday is Taco Night

 4. What could be more fascinating than learning what makes Jeb tick?

 3. If half the family hates you, you still have better approval rating that George Bush

 2. W. can lend you the "Mission Accomplished" banner to put up in the bedroom

 1. Little chance you'll be the dumbest guy in the family




Bush-Prison-Torture News


New Bush Coins! Excellent video


The Latest Additions to the Republican Dictionary



Compassion - When Conservatives work against equal rights for people, economic freedoms for the poor, reproductive freedoms for women, and so on. See Hate.


Executive Privilege - A power that the Bush Administration uses frequently so nobody can see what it's doing. See Wiretapping.


Facts - An invention of the West Coast Liberals and has a strong Anti-Republican bias. Often works with a creation of the East Coast Liberals, known as Reality, in order to do tag team assaults on the Conservative Movement in general.


God - Money and/or Campaign Donors.


Hate - When Liberals make fun of Conservatives. See Compassion.


I can't recall - You train for over a month to prepare your testimony in front of Congress and then you get nervous or something... Right...


People die in war, get over it! - When Blackwater murders Iraqi Civilians. See Terrorism.

Persecution - When Right Wing Christians aren't able to force their religious/political views down your throat.

Personal Responsibility - Only applies to you if you are poor.


Reality - An invention of the East Coast Liberals and has a strong Anti-Bush bias. Often works with a creation of the West Coast Liberals, known as Facts, in order to do tag team assaults on the Conservative Movement in general.


Terrorism - When Al Qaeda in Iraq murders Iraqi Civilians.

Torture - Like swimming, freestyle, backstroke.

Tough on Crime - Putting the poor and/or minorities in jail.

Traitor - A person who was right when he/she said Iraq had no WMD, that there was no Iraq-Al Qaeda link, that Rumsfeld was a failure, that things are going to smoothly over there, and so on.


Vice President - An enigma. Has all of the privileges, but none of the responsibilities, of the Executive Branch.

Voter Fraud - The crisis of the poor and/or minorities actually voting (GASP!).



W is for Waterboarding - George Bush's middle name.

Wiretapping - If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear, right?

Witch Hunt - Prosecuting members of the Bush Administration.



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This handout photo released in Seoul by the Ministry of Science and Technology shows a combo of cloned cats that have a fluorescence protein gene and glowing under ultraviolet beams. The technology could help develop treatments for human genetic diseases, the developers said. Photo/MST