November 4,  2003 Tuesday

US Settles With Linda Trip for $595000
Guardian, UK - 11-4-03
WASHINGTON (AP) - Linda Tripp will get more than $595,000 from the Defense Department to settle a lawsuit over the release of confidential personal information ...
595G for Linda Tripp
New York Daily News, NY - 11-4-03
By KENNETH R. BAZINET. WASHINGTON - It looks like former President
Bill Clinton's nemesis Linda Tripp is having the last laugh. The ...

Tattletale Tripp Gets $595K
CBS News - 11-4-03
(AP) Linda Tripp will get more than $595,000 from the Defense Department to settle
a lawsuit over the release of confidential personal information about her to ...

I wonder if Linda Tripp thinks this money will buy her a decent reputation? Naw, ugly is as ugly does.

Battle Brewing Over Congressional Investigation
Arms Control Today - 11-4-03

As Congress probes the Bush administration’s failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, battle lines are forming over how far the investigations should go. The Republican chairs of both the House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence are eager to limit political damage to the White House and have limited their inquiries to examining how the intelligence community carried out its work...

"This week the federal government announced that the U.S. economy grew by 7 percent in the 3rd quarter — that is the largest increase in 20 years. The White House is already taking credit for it. Today President Bush landed on an aircraft carrier dressed as an accountant." —Conan O'Brien

Just try and denigrate my memory, CBS!


CBS Wavers On Reagan Miniseries
CBS News - 11-4-03
... Reagan made no such public remark, and foes of the miniseries say the line reflects
liberal bias against the two-term president, who is revered by many ...
       CBS May Not Show Reagan Miniseries Miami Herald

Geez, the right wingers are even telling us what we should be able to watch in a made for TV movie. 

Everything is Private

Quote of the day : "Contractors' deaths aren't counted among the tally of more than 350 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. No one is sure how many private workers have been killed, or, indeed, even how many are toiling in Iraq for the U.S. government. Estimates range from under 10,000 to more than 20,000 - which could make private contractors the largest U.S. coalition partner ahead of Britain's 11,000 troops." (Jim Krane, A Private Army Grows, Associated Press) ....


I think Linda Tripp and Dick Cheney go to the same lousy dentist.

"Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Vice President Dick Cheney before leaving Washington . Why meet with Bush when you can meet with the guy who is really in charge?" —Jay Leno

Pentagon keeps dead out of sight
Bush team doesn't want people to see human cost of war
Even body bags are now sanitized as `transfer tubes'


Washington—Charles H. Buehring came home last week.

He arrived at the air force base in Dover, Del., in the middle of the night, in an aluminum shipping case draped in an American flag....


The American burden
St. Petersburg Times, FL - 11-4-03

...Now the Bush administration acknowledges that the U.S. occupation is in for what Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld calls "a long, hard slog," with no appreciable military help coming from other nations. That leaves a reconstituted Iraqi security force as our only reasonable option for relieving U.S. troops...

Don Rumsfeld used to be a funny guy until he got caught running a lousy war.


"Commenting on Condoleezza Rice's role overseeing the situation in Iraq, President Bush said that her job was to 'help unstick things that may get stuck, that's the best way to put it, she's an unsticker.' Really, that's the best way to put it? You're the president, you can't spend a couple of minutes thinking of something better? You're gonna go with unsticker? Okay, Condoleezza Rice, the unsticker." —Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"


Unsticker, Leaker, Suicider. Bush is changing the English language on a daily basis.

Bush's Press Aide, Rove Questioned in Leaks Probe
Washington Post - Oct 24, 2003
... have submitted to voluntary interviews include Karl ... Joseph C. Wilson IV, was a CIA ... three prominent White House officials -- Rove ... that it is possible the leaker ...


This was the most recent coverage I could find of the leaker.

At the very least we had peace and prosperity when Linda Tripp was the headline of the day.

Maybe it was Linda Tripp who outed the CIA agent?

"Linda Tripp is now suing the United States government for firing her from her job at the Pentagon. On the news, they're saying in the United States this is the first incidence of mad cow disease." —Jay Leno

I'm still waiting for my Tax Cut Check from Bush.

The ever-dwindling white Christian Coalition of Only Two may one day soon be appropriately-named for the very first time.

Kris Laughlin





Astronomers from the University of Hawaii released the first image from a gigantic new 16 Megapixel infrared camera mounted on a telescope on Mauna Kea, November 3, 2003. The image is of a galaxy, NGC 891, in the constellation Andromeda, at a distance of about 10 million light years, and is similar to our Milky Way Galaxy but is seen almost exactly edge-on. (HO/University of Hawaii-Institute for Astronomy)