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Rewarding one's friends
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 11-28-07
Vice President Dick Cheney's old company, Halliburton, profited so much from the Iraq war that it could afford to relocate its world headquarters from Texas to Dubai...


Poll: US Military Doing Better in Iraq
The Associated Press - 11-28-07
WASHINGTON (AP) — The public increasingly believes the US is making military progress in Iraq but still wants President Bush to remove American troops

Rice Pledges Urgent Annapolis Agreement Follow-Up
Voice of America - 11-28-07
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is pledging urgent follow-up work to Tuesday's Israeli-Palestinian agreement in Annapolis, Maryland to resume final-status peace negotiations after a seven-year interruption.


I bet when Cheney has a transfusion -- it's premium grade from Exxon.



The Middle East Peace talks have about as much chance as Terri Schiavo regaining consciousness. - Grant Gerver,

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


President Bush welcomed delegates from forty nations Tuesday to his Middle East peace conference in Maryland. People just laughed. President Bush hosting a Middle East peace conference is like Malibu advertising itself as a sensible place to build. - Argus Hamilton





Disturbing News


"Oprah Winfrey will campaign for Barack Obama, the first time the talk show host has become directly involved in a presidential campaign. Her appearances with Obama are sure to draw huge crowds—especially since everyone who attends will receive a free car." --Bob Hirschfeld, Maryland


Delusional Arrogance: Bush Forgives Gore For Election 2000


Mr. Bush made no comment when the Nobel was announced, and today, the two stood silently, and a bit awkwardly, during the photo opportunity.

But the president did personally telephone Mr. Gore to extend the invitation, and the White House changed the date of the event so Mr. Gore could attend. Mr. Bush’s press secretary, Dana Perino, told reporters the president is willing to let bygones be bygones.

“This president does not harbor any resentments,” she said. “He never has.”


What Conservatives Want to Know - The Specious Report

Republican Shenanigans



Hold Off That Visit To Baghdad


Nearly 90 percent of U.S. journalists in Iraq say much of Baghdad is still too dangerous to visit, despite a recent drop in violence attributed to the build-up of U.S. forces, a poll released on Wednesday said.



Dick Cheney went to the hospital Monday for a procedure to treat his irregular heartbeat. The medical team fired electricity into his heart. Something Dr. Frankenstein never told us was that the monster will require regular booster shots. - Argus Hamilton



Rock-The-Voter News


"Mississippi Republican Sen. Trent Lott, the Senate's minority whip, announced that he will be retiring from the Senate at the end of January, citing frustration over 'not being able to whip minorities.' Senator Lott will now spend time segregating his family." --Michael Hayne, New York





Biz-Tech News


"Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf will indeed quit as head of the army and take the oath of office for a third term later this week. This is a bad move; ditching the army is how you become President of the United States not Pakistan!" --Jake Novak, New York





Steven King Interview


I just filmed a segment for Nightline, about The Mist, and one of the things I said to them was, you know, "You guys are just covering — what do they call it — the scream of the peacock, and you're missing the whole fox hunt." Like waterboarding [or] where all the money went that we poured into Iraq. It just seems to disappear. And yet you get this coverage of who's gonna get custody of Britney's kids? Whether or not Lindsay drank at her twenty-first birthday party, and all this other sh_t.
You know, this morning, the two big stories on CNN are Kanye West's mother, who died, apparently, after having some plastic surgery. The other big thing that's going on is whether or not this cop [Drew Peterson] killed his... wife. And meanwhile, you've got Pakistan in the midst of a real crisis, where these people have nuclear weapons that we helped them develop. - Steven King, author


Bush-Prison-Torture News


"Vice President Cheney was found to have an irregular heartbeat during an examination due to a persistent cough. His doctor believes the cough may be due to waterboarding a turkey in cold weather in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner." --Bob Hirschfeld, Maryland







Cannabis cultivation rose 40 percent in Afghanistan this year, to 173,000 acres from 123,550 in 2006, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime estimated in its 2007 opium survey. The crop is being grown in at least 18 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces, according to the survey released last month.


Go-F***-Yourself News





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Odd News



This photo, supplied by the Aiken County, S.C. County Sheriff's Office, shows a fake $1 million bill, which a man tried to use to open an account in a Aiken, S.C, bank Monday, Nov. 26, 2007. Alexander D. Smith, 31, was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of forgery after he walked into the bank and tried to open an account by depositing the fake $1 million bill, said an Aiken County Sheriff's spokesman. Photo /Aiken County, S.C. Sheriff's Office