Tuesday edition - November 27, 2007




President Bush and Al Gore share novel Nobel Peace Prize event at ...
New York Daily News, NY - 11-27-07
From 'Inconvenient Truth' to uncomfortable smiles: Al Gore and President Bush at the Oval Office Monday.


Officials from 40 nations gather in Maryland for Mideast summit
CNN International - 11-27-07
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Israeli and Palestinian leaders expressed hope and optimism that a renewed peace effort will emerge from Tuesday's conference in Annapolis, Maryland.

New poll shows Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans
Reuters - 11-27-07
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton trails five top Republican presidential contenders in general election match-ups


Bush looks like a little man next to Gore.



“Henry Kissinger says the war in Iraq is unwinnable. And believe it. If there’s anybody who knows how not to win a war, it’s Henry Kissinger, ladies and gentlemen.” - Jay Leno




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Osama bin Laden - Remember Him?


Al-Qaida's media wing said Monday it will soon release a new message from Osama bin Laden addressed to European countries.








Disturbing News



Ann Coulter Update


Conservative columnist Ann Coulter is nationally notorious for vitriolic broadsides, but she has been unnerved by invective she received at her Palm Beach home. So much so that she got the county property appraiser to remove her name from public records identifying where she lives.

In doing so, she won an exemption from public disclosure of her address, allowed by law for victims of stalkers or harassment.



Mike Huckabee ripped President Bush Sunday for not speaking out about the Saudi rape victim who was sentenced to two hundred lashes. The president's afraid to say anything. His father is so close to the Saudis that King Abdullah packs his parachute. - Argus Hamilton


Republican Shenanigans




Truth or rumor?


Blackwater Investigation Getting Murky


The State Department's acerbic top auditor wasn't happy when Justice Department officials told one of his aides to leave the room so they could discuss a criminal investigation of Blackwater Worldwide, the contractor protecting U.S. diplomats in Iraq.







Rock-The-Voter News



Get Ready, Citizens


Defeating terrorism will require the use of more "soft power," with civilians contributing more in non-military areas like communication, economic assistance and political development, Pentagon chief Robert Gates said Monday.




Biz-Tech News


To Whom It May Concern: I only accept Euros. - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com





America the Beautiful: Poverty = Warrantless Searches


The Supreme Court rejected a challenge Monday to a county's practice of routinely searching welfare applicants' homes without warrants and ruling out assistance for those who refuse to let them in.

The justices refused, without comment, to intervene in the case from San Diego County, where investigators from the local District Attorney's office show up unannounced at applicants' homes and conduct searches that include peeking into closets and cabinets. The visits do not require any suspicion of fraud and are intended to confirm that people are eligible for government aid.

Failure to submit to the searches, which can last an hour, disqualifies applicants from assistance.

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Go-F***-Yourself News


Cheney Hospitalized; Bush Briefly Takes Over as President - The Specious Report




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This computer-generated image shows three satellites, part of the European Galileo satellite navigation program. Experts say the US military is working on super-powerful updates to its GPS satellite navigation technology to try to trump the rival European Galileo project which has just received key funding. Illustration/J. Huart