Monday edition - October 8, 2007




US commander in Iraq fires allegations at Iran
Newsday, NY - 10-8-07
BAGHDAD - The US commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, stepped up accusations against Iran yesterday, alleging the Islamic Republic's ambassador in Iraq is a member of the Iranian military's secretive Quds Force unit.


Britain To Cut Iraq Force To 2500
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 10-8-07
LONDON- Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday that Britain will cut its troop levels in Iraq to 2500 in early 2008, trimming the force by...

Iran reopens border with northern Iraq
Forbes, NY - 10-8-07
BASHMAKH, Iraq  Iran reopened its border with northern Iraq on Monday after a closure of more than two weeks imposed in protest at the detention by the US military of an Iranian national.

Iran-Contra: The Sequel 23 years later


Bush on child health care veto: "Do you know how much ammo we can buy for that kinda' money?!"  - Grant Gerver,




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

A Big Fat No


Iraq's national security adviser said on Friday he strongly opposed any military attack on Iran and, in contrast to the Bush administration's policy, said the option should not even be considered.

"Attacking Iran? I say a big fat no. It's a fatal mistake," Mowaffak al-Rubaie said.



Now that Marcel Marceau is gone, George Bush must make all his public appearances as a mime. At a “No Child Left Behind” event this week, our “education president,” the one who once asked, “Is our children learning?” said, and I quote, “Childrens do learn.” And then he ate another paint chip. What has to happen before we fit this guy for a helmet? - Bill Maher





Disturbing News



An army is normally represented by its Commander in Chief. The problem is nobody believes a word he says so you have to wheel out other people. It’s like cutting the head off the chicken and then putting it on TV to say something. - Salman Rushdie regarding the fallout of General Petraeus’ report on the war in Iraq.






By Don Davis


Republican Shenanigans



Our next president must have lips. I’m not asking for full, pouty, Angelina Jolie lips. I just want to be able to see where the lies are coming from.
- Bill Maher


No individual can save a nation. If a nation is sleep walking and doesn’t wake up then it will never be saved. But an individual can be a catalyst, can be a cause, to wake them up. And that’s what Barack Obama wants to do.

He wants to redeem the soul of the nation.

- Cornell West

Rock-The-Voter News


Maybe a President who didn’t believe our soldiers were going to Heaven might
be a little less willing to get them killed.

- Bill Maher





Al Sharpton


Al Sharpton on Saturday vowed to lead protests against Madison Square Garden unless New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas apologizes for a remark that suggested he holds whites and blacks to different standards when it comes to using a derogatory term for women.




Biz-Tech News


High energy prices, rising crime rates, economic uncertainty. It's the '70s again, but without the sex. - Zing!



By Don Davis


Bush-Prison-Torture News




"President Bush's daughter Jenna is now saying she doesn't want to get married at the White House. She wants her wedding to be in Crawford, Texas. Yeah. Yeah. When asked why, Jenna said, "I want my dad to be there." - Conan O'Brien



Go-F***-Yourself News


Next time somebody tells you they don't care about government spying because "I don't have anything to hide," ask how much he or she weighs. Amazing how fast they become defenders of privacy.- Zing!



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Visitors are seen on a ride at the Happy Valley Park in Beijing October 4, 2007. China is celebrating the week-long National Day holiday, a time when millions of Chinese travel to major cities to enjoy cultural attractions or return home to visit relatives and friends. The holiday commenced on Monday. Photo/Joe Chan