October 7, 2004 Thursday


Bush: Damaging blow as poll battle intensifies

The Independent -07 October 2004

"Wait until Charlie gets back with the final report," Mr Bush said in June, fending off reporters trying to get him to admit that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

Yesterday, "Charlie", aka Charles Duelfer, the chief US weapons inspector, did get back - and his report could send shockwaves though an election campaign...


Explosions Heard Outside Baghdad Hotels
Tallahassee Democrat, FL - 10-7-04
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Explosions and gunfire erupted Thursday night outside hotels housing foreigners and journalists in downtown Baghdad, but there were no ...

Report fuels Iraq WMD debate
CNN International -10-7-04
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A long-awaited report which concluded Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illicit weapons

I will eat my hat if Bush can control his face, debate or no debate.

According to the New York Times, the Army is now lowering recruitment standards. Their old slogan was 'Be All That You Can Be.' Have you heard their new one? 'You'll do. Get in the Humvee.' – Jay Leno


Subject: Cheney Timeline Biography

There was an hour program about Dick Cheney [last night] on Canadian television. I wish it could be shown in the US! It was very revealing........ http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/dickcheney/   There is a timeline of his dealings here - it is in several parts.

Love your website - I never miss a day!

J. Roberts


Excellent! Thank you for the link. A must read.

Cheney is one scary white man.

Maybe you’ve heard the joke about Dick Cheney, his three heart attacks and the fact he’s only a "heartbeat away." "Yeah," goes the rejoinder, "God forbid something should happen to him - George W. Bush could become president!

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

"Did you see Cheney next to Edwards? Didn't it look like the before and after pictures on 'Extreme Makeover'?"  -- Jay Leno

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Republican Shenanigans

CNN seems to be going to lengths to ensure that Daryn Kagan, its midmorning anchor, doesn't touch news regarding her sweetie pie, Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday Limbaugh lost an appeal on his medical records case, and Kagan abruptly tossed the story to early afternoon anchor Kyra Phillips. Said a CNN spokesman: "We value the trust our viewers place in us and this is the right way to handle it, plain and simple." -- Richard Leiby , Columnist - The Washington Post 


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Hannity cancels appearance
Student Life, MO - Oct 6, 2004
Since he can't fly in style, Sean Hannity says he won't come to St. Louis at all. ... Hannity, Hollander said, requested a private jet to fly him to St. ...

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"New Rule: Florida has to sit this election out. You know, you'd think after the year 2000, they would have made sure to get it right this time. But, no, even Jimmy Carter -- a man who has seen more Third World hellholes than a lesbian couple trying to adopt -- even he says Florida is not ready for an election. So, sorry, Florida, you're going to have to take that Tuesday off and just treat yourself to an extra hurricane. " - Bill Maher

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Singer Alicia Keys models a 'Vote or Die!' t-shirt photographed by Mark Seliger for the group 'Citizen Change' which will be used in a massive get out the vote campaign aimed at young people in the United States.

Odd News

Screwing with Putin's head : A worker drills a hole in a wax sculpture before adorning it with the head of Russian President Vladimir Putin.(Interpress)