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Karen Hughes leaves, mission not accomplished
Baltimore Sun - 10-31-07
 Karen Hughes, a longtime adviser and friend of President Bush from Texas, is leaving Washington -- again. On her first tour, in the president's first term, Hughes worked at burnishing Bush's image.

Iraq, Afghan Vets at Risk for Suicides
The Associated Press - 10-31-07
WASHINGTON (AP) Mary Gallagher did not get a knock at the door from a military chaplain with news of her Marine husband's death in a faraway place.

Iraqis say ready to take control of oil terminals
Reuters - 10-31-07
IRAQI OIL TERMINALS, Northern Gulf (Reuters) - Iraqi soldiers aboard the patrol boat scan the waters around them before they give..


Happy Halloween to Mr. Bush and Ms. Hughes, you have scared the hell out of me.



AMERICA: No Face Left to Save. - Grant Gerver,


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez is now a free agent. Some teams say they are willing to spend as much as $150 million to get him. $150 million! That's pretty amazing when you see the White House is only offering $50 million for Osama bin Laden." --Jay Leno


Mukasey Needs to Google Torture


Michael Mukasey, President George W. Bush's nominee to be attorney general, said on Tuesday he does not know if any waterboarding interrogation methods that may be used by the United States constitute unlawful torture. But he vowed to find out.






Disturbing News


"Are you all getting ready for Halloween? I'm stunned at how much parents out here spend on costumes for their kids. You know, you don't need to spend a lot money. If you use your imagination, you can make a costume very inexpensively. Like this year, I'm just going to drop my pants and go as Idaho Senator Larry Craig." --Jay Leno





CIA Doesn't Torture Either!


CIA Director Michael Hayden defended his agency's interrogation practices Tuesday as political pressure mounted on President Bush's attorney general nominee to reject a technique that allegedly was part of the CIA's interrogation program.



GOP Halloween



Republican Shenanigans

Scholar links Bush's US and Hirohito's Japan


 A top US scholar of wartime Japan said Wednesday that the Bush administration's "war on terror" bore close parallels to Japan's past militarism through a defiance of international law.
Herbert Bix, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2001 for his landmark biography of wartime emperor Hirohito, said he believed US aerial bombings and alleged use of torture in Afghanistan and Iraq constituted war crimes.





Subject: Last night's debate



I was very uncomfortable watching Hillary last night.

The blows from her fellow candidates had its intended effect..if this pummeling continues a Rick Lazio scene might happen, remember, he kept approaching her at debates wanting her to sign some pledge and that's when the tide turned and she shot up in the polls. He was seen as a thug. This whole thing may backfire on Hillary's opponents if they're not careful..

 "What say you?" <--- the only time I quote Bill O'Reilly




I remember that Rick Lazio incident. It did backfire on him.


 I saw a poll the other day that 20% of GOP females would vote for Hillary. Sometimes gender rises above politics.


Hillary was and is the most investigated female in politics. And they still haven't found anything worth noting.


That's pretty impressive.






Gerald Ford told a journalist, in remarks he wanted published posthumously, that Bill Clinton was a sex addict. It shows how much class and restraint the late president had. He would never want to reveal any national secrets while he was alive. - Argus Hamilton





Rock-The-Voter News


Subject: Kucinich and UFOs at Democratic debate




I've seen flying objects I was unable to identify, have you? And why would Tim Russert ask such a question of him? To try & embarrass him?



Fan from Argentina


Possibly. My question is why didn't Tim Russert ask the other candidates if they have ever seen a UFO? Now that would be great TV!


I've seen about 20+ UFOs in the five decades I have been on this earth, most with witnesses. Most I can explain away as experimental aircraft of our own government. I was buzzed by stealth jets on opposite ends of the Florida panhandle, both late at night on desolate roads. In 1977 I saw a silver 727 hovering over a radar installation driving through Edwards AFB, years later I realized I saw our experimental version of the UK Harrier.


I bet your desolate Andes, Ellen, hold a lot of interesting UFOs. Probably USA instigated.


I think most people look down instead of up.



"FEMA is handling another disaster -- its own Public Relations department. ... This is unbelievable to me! FEMA has apologized for staging a fake news conference on the California wildfires. ... They had a fake news conference in which FEMA employees pretended to be reporters and asked softball questions to their idiot boss, a guy named Harvey Johnson. It was obvious the reporters were FEMA workers because the questions were about the 2003 fire." --Jay Leno




Biz-Tech News


"New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has announced that New York will give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. So, for the first time ever, a lot of New York City cab drivers will actually have a license." --Jay Leno





Bush-Prison-Torture News



"The Democrats in Congress have announced they will now be taking Fridays off. Apparently, they were getting worried their approval rating was too high." --Jay Leno



Go-F***-Yourself News


Support bacteria. It's the only culture some of us have. - Zing!


Happy Halloween !


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A dog dressed in a spider costume takes part in a Halloween costume parade for pets at a shopping mall in Quezon City, Metro Manila October 27, 2007. Photo/Cheryl Ravelo/PHILIPPINES