Monday edition - October 29, 2007




Ford: Clinton a sex 'addict,' backed Giuliani, MI - 10-29-07
Former President Gerald R. Ford was so concerned about President Bill Clinton's skirt-chasing ways he thought Clinton should check into a sex addiction...


Rumsfeld hit with torture lawsuit while visiting Paris, Italy - Oct 26, 2007
According to Ratner, France has a legal responsibility under international law to prosecute Rumsfeld for torture abuses. "If a torturer comes into your...

 Chertoff: FEMA's fake news briefing 'inappropriate'
CNN - 1 hour ago
"I'm very happy with FEMA's response so far," Johnson replied. He later apologized, calling the fake briefing an "error in judgment...


Gerald Ford's October surprise!

 Creepy but so Republican.



Rudy's cozyin' up to the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Texas-Big-Oil crowd. Those on the inside call it "good lubrication."  - Grant Gerver,


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


By Don Davis

Powell Surprised Blair Supported Bush


Former United States secretary of state Colin Powell expressed surprise at ex prime minister Tony Blair's strong support for President George W. Bush over the Iraq war, according to book extracts published in the Mail on Sunday.



Rice ushers in era of "Noplomacy" - - Grant Gerver,



Pondering Condi
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Rice shrugs off blame
For wartime’s toll.
Poor oversight?
Rice claims a hole—
A legal “lacuna”
Impedes control
Of contractor actions
On Iraq patrol.
Must fill that lacuna—
She touts that goal.
But who will fill
The lacuna in her soul?





Disturbing News

Laura Bush Blames the Media, Again


First lady Laura Bush, an increasingly prominent voice on matters at home and abroad, says the difference lately is not her policy role in the White House but rather the attention she gets for it.

"The fact is, I've been involved for a long time in policy, and I think I just didn't get a lot of coverage on it," she said in a rare Sunday talk show appearance.


They say the fires have forged a new bond between the President and Governor Schwarzenegger. You know, they didn’t like each other for a long time. And really, why would they get along? One is a blockhead who can barely speak
English and the other is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

- Bill Maher



Republican Shenanigans


Blackwater Employee Ends His Campaign


A former Army captain who works with Blackwater USA has dropped out of the Republican race for the U.S. House in northern Indiana's 2nd District.

Chris Minor, 39, of Kokomo said in a news release Friday that the campaign would pose too much of a distraction to his work as an independent contractor in Iraq for the U.S. State Department.


Rock-The-Voter News

ebay and the CIA


Online auctioneer eBay Inc. spent almost $2 million lobbying various departments of the federal government in the past year, including an entity rarely named on federal disclosure forms: the Central Intelligence Agency.




Biz-Tech News



Colbert Pledges to Crush Georgia


Stephen Colbert brought his fanciful presidential campaign to the campus of the University of South Carolina on Sunday, telling several hundred sign-waving fans that he'll take care of the rival state to the south.

"I promise, if elected, I will crush the state of Georgia," the 43-year-old actor-comedian said to the cheering crowd.


A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue



Bush-Prison-Torture News



Marijuana Is Not A Drug, It's A Leaf


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says marijuana is not a drug, a British magazine reported Monday. But his spokesman said the governor was joking.


I always remember the great Steve Allen came on “That Was the Week That Was”  about the sixth week of it and he said, “would you like me to do part of the warm-up?” And I said yes great and so he went on to do part of the warm-up. And someone in the crowd shouted out, “do they get this show in Des Moines?” And he said, “they see this show in Des Moines but they don’t get it.”
- Sir David Frost


Go-F***-Yourself News



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Odd News



In this handout photo released by the Phillips family October 28, 2007, Joseph T. Phillips V, 5, of White Township New Jersey, is seen as he looks at a 10-lb. pumpkin that the family found hanging on a vine from a tree in their backyard. Last spring, 5-year-old Joseph's mother, Kathleen Phillips, told him there was no room in the garden for pumpkins, so he threw some seeds in a wooded area of the yard. The family spotted the pumpkin hanging 4 feet off the ground. The vines had attached to a nearby tree. Photo/Joseph Phillips IV