Tuesday edition - October 23, 2007




Bush Asks Congress For $46 Billion More In War Funding
Washington Post, United States - 10-23-07
By Peter Baker President Bush challenged Congress to another clash over the direction of the Iraq war yesterday as he asked lawmakers for $46 billion more..


,Report: Most of $1.2 billion to train Iraqi police unaccounted for
CNN - 10-23-07
(CNN) -- The US State Department is unable to account for most of $1.2 billion in funding that it gave to DynCorp International to train Iraqi police

Change of tone in Bin Laden's latest message
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 10-23-07
Osama bin Laden has resurfaced with a new message urging insurgent groups in Iraq to avoid divisions and unite to defeat the US-led coalition


Bush wants 46 billion more for his wars. Congress should send him a 46 billion dollar check with INSUFFICIENT FUNDS stamped on it.





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Condi Should Stop Smiling And Waving While Overseas And Look In Her Own Backyard


A panel recommended to the State Department that the U.S. government impose unified control over private security guards working for the U.S. in Iraq, an idea already floated by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, The Associated Press has learned.

The State Department risks another incident like the Sept. 16 Blackwater shooting of 17 Iraqi civilians unless it quickly installs closer management of the private army guarding diplomats in Iraq, the independent panel privately told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


"Terrorist Buster" Logo - CIA


Who designed this logo? George Bush?






Subject: Yesterday's nutty emails


Hi Lisa,
I was shocked to read some of the hateful Email that you have received. If these people don't like that which you present, why do they read from your site?
I NEVER open up any Republican, Conservative, or Right-wing sites, just because I don't want to become upset by that which I would read there. If, however, I did enter (by accident of course...) I certainly would not waste my time by writing to the host of the site - what the devil would I gain by doing so? Would that host become persuaded to change his/her political affiliation by that which I wrote to them (especially by the four-lettered vulgarities)? I think not - but, who knows, maybe I should try. Hummmmm, where to start, and is, "Stinker" too strong of a term to use when writing to them?
Kidding aside, you are doing a wonderful (and professional) job here - please don't let those bad, nasty boys throw you!
Sally P, faithful viewer.




Dear Lisa,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL HAT NO CATTLE. Thank you especially for your completely on-target response to Mr. Gatlin, the person who wrote to you stating that he would vote for George W. Bush "fifty more times if asked." What a moron! Anybody who is willing to do that is in dire need of some serious interventions, perhaps beginning with a long stay at a good mental institution.

Anyway, I am the forum administrator at the TV News Lies website ( http://www.tvnewslies.org  ). We have a sticky thread that is dedicated to exposing the lies of George Bush. It's now at 25 pages. Check it out at http://tvnewslies.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2670

We also have a sticky thread dedicated to Republican Pedophila, Scandals, and Utter Madness. It's now at 22 pages...and counting. Check it out at http://tvnewslies.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1511

We use many of your AHNC images in our posts and responses at the TVNL forums. You will be very welcome at the TVNL website and to our forums anytime.

Thanks again for all you do to help bring "truthiness" to the People.

forums admin
TV News Lies






Hi Lisa,

Boy, what educated emails you must receive. Your two samples from
"Walter" and "Ralph", I guess you must take the good with the bad.
Scary thing is....Walter's web site advertises "An Educational Resource

Company", I'm not sure I'd buy something from him after reading his
email to you. He must have his spell checker turned off on his mail

Anyway, keep up the good work. I contribute when I can, wish I
could do more. You keep my sanity. I read a phrase on a blog the
day and it pretty much said what I feel...."outrage fatigue". It's
scary because I don't want to feel that way, but things have become so
bad lately and it's so frustrating.

Thanks again,




Hi Lisa,
Can you use this [for your nutty emailers]? From my cafepress shop, http://www.cafepress.com/antigopbush


Thanks Bob






The rude dudes toys are probably made in China with leaded paint.





Please remove Mr. Gatlin's phone and street address from the e-mail
you quote in your Monday, Oct 22 issue.

I don't agree with his position, and I can understand why he
presented his contact information. Nevertheless, it would be
courteous of you to withhold that information from the general public.




Thank you all for your responses!


First of all, I'm not the Patron Saint of Stupid Emailers.


Mr Gatlin included his info in his email to me. He obviously wanted to give me that info. I don't edit stupidity.


E-mail 101: Don't write what you don't want people to read.


Mr Gatlin called me classless and basically a liar in a semi coherent way. I've been called worse, no biggie. But I felt I deserved to respond to those charges.


This site is devoted to making people accountable for their actions, Mr Gatlin included.


Gee, I wouldn't want to buy an educational toy from someone who can't even spell the word "feal" and writes nasty emails to political comedy sites. But my degree in education is probably tainting my vision.


I think I'll just give up and stay home and bake cookies.










Mr Gatlin replies to my email


Hello. You posted my signature with my comment and I wouldn't have thought you would do such a thing. Any chance you could remove my address and phone numbers? I don't mind speaking my truth but your followers are being cruel as usual and the are invading my privacy. Please remove my web site and my address and phone numbers. My little girl lives here too. I don't like to be threatened by your group. Who would have thought that the very liberties you fight for, you destroy!

Thank you
Walter E Gatlin Sr


Mr Gatlin, if anyone has threatened you, you had better report it to the police. This website never threatened you. AHNC simply published your inane e-mail, just as we regularly do with e-mail. But I wouldn't be surprised if other AHNC readers would write to you and call you a hypocritical moron.


You wrote me, insulted me and sent all your private info to me -- and now you don't want to be held accountable for what you did? How Republican.


I removed your phone number/address, but that is all.


The difference between you and me, Mr Gatlin, is that I am proud to sign my name to whatever I write or create.



ANOTHER EMAIL from Mr Gatlin


As I said before, The personal information is to be considered private. Most people assume the best but you continue to throw insults at me only because I sent a comment. I don't mind my comment being used but my personal signature should have been for your eyes only. Most sites will only accept comments with this information but do not release it. As far as the threats I have turned them over to the FBI in Omaha, and since I just retired from the TSA, they will work on them fast.

Thank you


I'm sure the FBI will pull an agent off the al-Qaeda Task Force and get right on it. E-mails are relatively easy to trace, Mr. Important TSA retiree. Good luck.

Since you have not specified just what the threat was, I can only assume it was "serious" enough to report it to the authorities. I am skeptical considering your short history with AHNC.

I'm publishing your last response to continue to amuse my readers by observing you digging yourself deeper into a hole. Just like your idol, George Bush!

I assume any e-mails I write to websites might be published, not carefully blacked out for my privacy. I'm not the CIA. I run a website making fun of people like you -- those who can dish it out but can't take it.

I have my name, picture, phones, addresses all over my website.

Which one of us has anything to hide?



AHNC READERS - This has given me such a big laugh.  Now we know one of the 24% of Americans that support Bush.






Disturbing News


Plamegate Finale: We Were Right; They Were Wrong

By David Corn


Four and a half years ago, after reading the Robert Novak column that outed Valerie Plame Wilson as a CIA operative specializing in counter-proliferation work, I wrote an article in this space noting that this particular leak from Bush administration officials might have been a violation of a federal law prohibiting government officials from disclosing information about clandestine intelligence officers and (perhaps worse) might have harmed national security by exposing anti-WMD operations.



If the choice in '08 is between Rudy and Hillary, "values voters" must do the Christian thing and choose Hillary. Of course, I think all religion is nuts, but at least she practices it the way Jesus suggested: privately. Like a Dick Cheney energy meeting. - Bill Maher





Republican Shenanigans

Larry King Interviews Valerie Plame's Husband


KING: Ambassador, do you bear the bitterness -- and I guess that's the only word for it -- that your wife bears toward this White House?

J. WILSON: Well, I think "bitterness" is probably the wrong word. I think it's disappointment and, frankly, anger that this administration would actually betray the national security of our country for a purely political vendetta. I think they are trying to scare Americans from doing what one does in a democracy, hold your government, hold your administration to account for its words and deeds. We are not going to be scared, and we will continue to speak out and stand our ground.



This weekend in Washington is the "Values Voters Convention." Three days of peace, love and hypocrisy. Where the Republican frontrunners will spend the week kissing the asses of 2,000 social conservatives who despise liberals, homosexuals, Muslims, Mexicans and Nobel Prize winners. And who believe the sound of a condom wrapper being opened makes angels die. - Bill Maher


By Don Davis



Subject: No wonder Joe Scarborough moved to NYC



Joe Scarborough is so unpopular here in Pensacola, that his brother tried to run for his Congressional seat not to long ago and didn't make it past the primary.


I have a feeling NYC will see Joe for what he is. Another shallow Democrat basher.


I thought you might like to see his take on Valerie Plame from this summer
Claiming Media Matters is "very angry at me," a broken-hearted Scarborough still insists "no underlying crime" in Plame case




In 1994, Joe won his first election by relentlessly bashing Democrats and holding hands with extreme right wing Christians.


Thanks for the link. If Bill Clinton vengefully outed a CIA agent, Joe would have bellowed for his immediate impeachment, but instead Joe voted to impeach Clinton for lying about an affair.


We can look forward to Joe promoting the upcoming Iran war, he's already stated that the American people will "wildly" back it. I'd provide a link to that statement but MSNBC does not provide a transcript for Morning Joe anymore. His is the only MSNBC show w/o a transcript.


MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for hiring such a sleazy political hack.



"When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest."





Valerie Plame Wilson's To-Do List


V. WILSON: I want to share with you my to-do list. This was from the last three weeks.

Pick up dry cleaning, go to Target to get the kids' camp stuff, attend the oral arguments that we're suing the vice president, Libby.


Go to Home Depot, get a garden hose, picture hooks. Sue the CIA on First Amendment grounds.




Biz-Tech News


“For the President’s amusement….”



George Bush will have his Nobel Peace Prize when the selection committee starts using punch-card ballots.-Zing!




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"What a terrific audience we have. We have 500 people here tonight. We have straight people, we have gay people, we have white people, we have black people. It's like a Dick Cheney family reunion." --Jay Leno




Go-F***-Yourself News


I hope you had a good time today


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Odd News


A composite image shows, at right a bonfire which locals believe resembles the silhouette of late Pope John Paul II making a blessing, in a picture taken by amateur photographer Grzegorz Lukasik, atop Matyska mountain in southern Poland, on April 2, 2007, during a vigil marking the second anniversary of the Polish pope's death. Data on Lukasik's digital camera says the picture was taken at 21.37:30, exactly the hour when the pope died. I wonder if any Polish faithful are concerned that the pope is depicted burning, as in hell?  I'd believe the picture that would show Pope John Paul in a cloud formation! Well, at least his image isn't on a grilled cheese sandwich.

Photo/Grzegorz Lukasik/Plinio Lepri