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The Bush administration's ties to Blackwater
Salon -10-2-07
Blamed in the deaths of Iraqi civilians, the private security firm has long ties to the White House and prominent Republicans, including Ken Starr.


Most Americans want Iraq war funding cut - poll

Reuters - 10-2-07
WASHINGTON, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Most Americans oppose fully funding US President George W. Bush's $190 billion request to fight the wars in Iraq and ...

U.N.: Violence in Afghanistan up almost 25 percent in '07

McClatchy News 10-2-07

Afghanistan is currently suffering its most violent year since the 2001 U.S.-led intervention, according to an internal United Nations report that sharply contrasts with recent upbeat appraisals by President Bush and his Afghan counterpart, Hamid Karzai...


If America is such a great democracy, why aren't our leaders listening to us?



"In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Rudy Giuliani said he is guided by Jesus and the Bible, and he doesn't want people to judge his private life. He then said, 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' And then Mitt Romney hit him in the head with a rock" --Jay Leno




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Bush Invited To Iranian University


After the controversial appearance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University last week, an Iranian university yesterday invited President Bush to travel to Iran and speak on campus about a range of issues, including the Holocaust, terrorism, human rights and U.S. foreign policy, the Fars News Agency reported yesterday...The White House said yesterday that Bush would be willing to travel to Iran, but under different circumstances.



"The President does not have second thoughts." - Dana Perino, White House microphone




Disturbing News



Tortured Thomas


He was 43 and had one year of judicial experience when Bush the Elder nominated him to replace Thurgood Marshall on the court. Even Thomas can't seriously believe Bush's claim that he was the "most qualified" candidate.

In the interview with Kroft, Thomas spoke of his experience at Yale Law School, which set aside a number of slots for minority students. He said he sees his Yale law degree as "tainted," worth less than a white student's degree.






"Did you know homosexuals are executed in Iran? ... But only if a homosexual act either between two men or two women is witnessed by four or more other men. That shows you the difference in our culture. ... Like in Iran, two women having sex witnessed by four men, that's called a capital crime. See, here, that would be called a bachelor party." --Jay Leno





"The old, toe-tapping senator from the great state of Idaho, Larry Craig ... has changed his mind and is not going to resign. You know what it is? I don't think he wants to give up the key to the executive washroom. ... You know that bathroom in the Minneapolis airport where he got caught? Well, the airport is now spending a ton of money to build new stall dividers that go all the way to the ground ... to make it a less inviting spot for sexual activity. And today, Senator Craig said, 'Minneapolis, tear down that wall!'" --Jay Leno

Republican Shenanigans

Bush Executive Order Axed, Finally!


Presidents don't have indefinite veto power over which records are made public after they've left office, a federal judge ruled Monday.

In a narrowly crafted ruling, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly invalidated part of President Bush's 2001 executive order....By law, the National Archives has the final say over the release of presidential records...The judge ordered the National Archives not to withhold any more documents based on that section of the executive order.






"PBS host Tavis Smiley ... was the moderator at the Republican debate on minority issues at Morgan State University. But not one of the four leading Republican candidates -- Giuliani, Thompson, McCain or Romney-- showed up for the debate on black issues. How are you going to stand up to the terrorists when you're afraid of a guy named Tavis Smiley?" --Jay Leno

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By Don Davis



 Wouldn't It Be Cool If Anita Hill Sued Justice Thomas for Libel AND Slander?


In a particularly nasty blow, Justice Thomas attacked my religious conviction, telling “60 Minutes” this weekend, “She was not the demure, religious, conservative person that they portrayed.” Perhaps he conveniently forgot that he wrote a letter of recommendation for me to work at the law school at Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa. I remained at that evangelical Christian university for three years, until the law school was sold to Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Va., another Christian college.






"You guys keep telling me, lighten up, be fun. Now I get a little funny, and I'm being psychoanalyzed." -Hillary Clinton commenting on her laugh making the news




Biz-Tech News





By Don Davis



Bush-Prison-Torture News


A new term is born: "Compassionate Fascism" Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com





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A 25ft (7.62 meters) replica of the Golden Anubis, an ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god of the dead, sails away fromTower Bridge on the river Thames, to take up a position in Trafalgar Square ahead of the 'Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of The Pharaohs' exhibition, London October 1, 2007. Photo/Ian Langsdon