Thursday edition - October 18, 2007




Bush Says Iran Must Be Prevented From Getting Nukes To Avoid WW III
Voice of America - 10-18-07
President Bush says world leaders risk bringing about World War Three if they do not do more to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.


Blackwater Likely to Be Out of Iraq
The Associated Press - 10-18-07
A State Department review of private security guards for diplomats in Iraq is unlikely to recommend firing Blackwater USA over the deaths of 17 Iraqis last month, but the company probably is on the way out of that job, US officials

Move over, Halliburton: Sara Lee, Perdue targeted over Iraq contracts
Raw Story, MA - Oct 17, 2007
Justice Department and Pentagon investigators are probing whether Perdue, Sara Lee and ConAgra Foods overcharged the military in sweetened Iraq deals that the companies worked out with the help of former US military procurement officials they hired as


Shouldn't someone stop this man before he starts another war? No wonder Congress' approval rating is 11%.



Iraq is Bush's "Field of Doom": Build It and They Will Leave.  - Grant Gerver,




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Bush Knows Best


The U.S. government on Wednesday rejected a U.N. report that said the use of private security guards like those involved in the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians amounted to a new form of mercenary activity.





"China is outraged at the United States for honoring the Dalai Lama at the White House. They're pretty mad. I hope they don't try to get back at us, you know, like maybe putting lead in our toys or anti-freeze in our toothpaste." --Jay Leno




Disturbing News


Iraq Hires Iran. What's Next, Iraq Hiring China? Yep.


 Iraq has agreed to award $1.1 billion in contracts to Iranian and Chinese companies to build a pair of enormous power plants, the Iraqi electricity minister said Tuesday. Word of the project prompted serious concerns among American military officials, who fear that Iranian commercial investments can mask military activities at a time of heightened tension with Iran.



Jay Leno: "I have to ask you about your family. Dick Cheney, you and he are eighth cousins."

Barak Obama: "Yeah. How about that? Yeah. Not kissing cousins...People have been doing these genealogical studies of me, and I've got all kinds of rogues in my background, you know. You're always hoping for, you know, kings and great leaders."




Republican Shenanigans


"The interview was conducted in Senator Craig's home in Idaho. Beautiful home. Four bedrooms, 29 bathrooms." --Jay Leno

The Undisclosed Location


 Saturday, the president will spend some time on the Eastern Shore, with a scheduled visit to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels followed by lunch at the nearby 2.5 million dollar vacation home of Vice President Dick Cheney...Cheney frequently spends weekends on the Eastern Shore, and former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and former press secretary Tony Snow have houses nearby.

There was no word on whether Snow or Rumsfeld would be invited for lunch.





Countdown: The Right’s Attacks On Children Continue - This Time It’s A Toddler - Crooks&Liars


Rock-The-Voter News


Pondering Rudy
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Rudy acts like a war-loving crank.
Is his hawkishness feigned, else he’ll tank
As Republicans see
That he doesn’t agree
With most of the GOP plank?





"A globe of the world once owned by Adolph Hitler is going to be auctioned off. ... So, Hitler's globe if you're thinking about getting a Christmas gift for Ann Coulter." --Jay Leno




Biz-Tech News



510 Cases - 4 Prosecutions


Six years of investigations and prosecutions have turned up little evidence of Islamic jihadists at work in the United States, according to a study released Monday.

The study, conducted by New York University's Center on Law and Security, tracked 510 cases billed as terrorism-related when arrests were made...The study found only four people -- including confessed al Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui and "shoe bomber" Richard Reid -- were convicted of planning attacks within the United States.

Bush-Prison-Torture News


By Don Davis


Valerie Plame Update


Four years after her CIA cover was blown in a newspaper column, Valerie Plame is settling scores with the Bush administration, Republican lawmakers and the journalists involved in the White House leak scandal.


Go-F***-Yourself News




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This image provided by the King County Washington Sheriff's department shows Deputy C. Neely as she peers into the bowl of the giant toilet that she recovered Wednesday Oct. 17, 2007. The giant toilet was on the side of the roadway covered with a tarp. When the deputy realized what she found she blurted out, "Holy crap, it's a giant toilet!". Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart said the toilet facsimile was built by five friends in Colorado Springs, Colo., and was brought to Seattle late last month for a race. It was stolen out of the back of a truck, which was also stolen. Urquhart says the truck has not been found. Photo/King County Washington Sheriff's Department