Monday edition - October 1 , 2007




Gingrich Won't Run for President, Cites Campaign Finance Laws
Bloomberg - 10-1-07
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich cited federal campaign finance laws as the reason he won't run for the Republican...


State's case against Bush hits high court
Dallas Morning News - Sep 30, 2007
The Supreme Court will take up the case again on Oct. 10. US Solicitor General Paul Clement, a Bush appointee, will argue that state courts can't be allowed

Bush eyes 'surgical' strikes vs. Iran, sez mag
New York Daily News - 10-1-07
THE WHITE HOUSE is planning "surgical" strikes in Iran to cripple agents the United States says support Iraqi insurgents fighting American soldiers, a new report says.


Newt completes the Republican infinite idiot loop.



Bush logic: blame Iraq for 9/11. Invade. Then, blame Iran for the mess in Iraq. Invade. Perfect. -Grant Gerver,



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

No Wonder They Hate US


British MPs visiting the Pentagon to discuss America's stance on Iran and Iraq were shocked to be told by one of President Bush's senior women officials: "I hate all Iranians."

And she also accused Britain of "dismantling" the Anglo-US-led coalition in Iraq by pulling troops out of Basra too soon.

The all-party group of MPs say Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, made the comments this month.



Let's spice up flying. Replace the air marshals with Blackwater security guards. - Zing!






Disturbing News



"Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had to cancel his campaign schedule last week. He was pretty sick. He was coughing up blue blood. " --Jay Leno





Republican Shenanigans

Republican Journalism


Vice president Dick Cheney won't be the only headliner speaking to a secretive conservative policy conclave this weekend.
The editor of the Deseret Morning News, former Republican state chairman Joe Cannon, is also on the marquee at the influential Council for National Policy...Cannon promised council leaders he would not write about what was discussed should alarm his readers because he is shifting his loyalty from them to powerful government insiders, says Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute, a nonpartisan journalism think tank.



Fred Thompson proposes universal movie coverage for all Americans - Red Tractor-USA




"There was a debate between the Republican candidates for president in Baltimore. The debate focused on minority issues, and it was at Morgan State University, which is a black college...None of the top four Republican candidates were there. Giuliani, McCain, Romney and Thompson -- not one of them showed up. Apparently, they all had scheduling conflicts that prevented them from going to a place where nobody will vote for them" --Jimmy Kimmel

Rock-The-Voter News




Giuliani Update


 An odd cell phone call from his wife, two rogue volunteers exploiting the memory of 9/11 to raise money, renewed questions about shifting stances on crucial domestic issues, upheaval within the campaign’s upper ranks and more focus on an unconventional family life.


It has been a rough time on the campaign trail for Rudolph W. Giuliani.




If we do anything to Iran, it will be wildly popular with the American people. - Joe Scarborough, 10-1-07 on MSNBC



There is a new book out this week about President Bush by one of his longtime fans, Bill Sammon. I think Bill is going to be on our show soon. It’s called The Evangelical President. And it’s pretty standard Bush idolatry. You know, he’s smarter than you think; [laughter] his enemies are just jealous; he’s ahead of his time. And, by the way, if you order it through Amazon, they recommend you might also like the “ten pound bag of bulls**t.”- Bill Maher





Biz-Tech News


I love that the President harshly criticizes Burma and Ahmadinejad. That's like Britney dissin' Lindsay and Paris.

-Grant Gerver,






Bush Autographs


There's one area where it's not "like father, like son" for the Bushes. President Bush has hand-written so few letters that an autograph dealer tells us he has upped his reward for one to $5,000. "I'll buy everything," says curator Gary Zimet. While the former President George H. W. Bush is a prolific letter writer, his son chooses the computer and autograph machine.



Bush-Prison-Torture News



Bill O’Reilly is in a little bit of trouble with the black folks.You heard about that? He went to – he had dinner in Harlem with Al Sharpton. He must have lost a bet. I don’t know why this happened...I mean, he – he said he was “shocked and delighted to see there is no difference between a black-owned restaurant and a white-owned restaurant.” Which is true, because apparently they both serve “crackers.” - Bill Maher



O’Reilly, “I’m not a racist, I am close to many black people.” Red Tractor-USA






"I'm just a little bit shocked myself that a college in good standing would back up students who insist that people...have to teach that there were such things as talking snakes or lose their job." - Steve Bitterman, 60, fired from Southwestern Community College


Go-F***-Yourself News


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Odd News




Claudia Michelle, left, looks at her twins Victor Gabriel and Antonio Bento, as her mother Rosinete Palmeira Serrao rests in a bed at the Santa Joana hospital in Recife, Brazil, Thursday, Sep. 27, 2007. Serrao, a 51-year-old surrogate mother for her daughter has given birth to her own twin grandchildren in northeastern Brazil, the delivery hospital said. Brazilian law stipulates that only close relatives can serve as surrogate mothers. De Brito is an only child and none of her cousins volunteered, so Serrao agreed to receive four embryos from her daughter. Photo/AGENCIA ESTADO, Rodrigo Lobo