Wednesday edition - January 9, 2008




NH comebacks bolster Clinton, McCain campaigns
CNN - 1-9-08
MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CNN) -- Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain will carry much-needed boosts from New Hampshire into upcoming contests in the 2008 presidential campaign..


US diplomats critical of Bush Iraq policy-survey
Reuters - 1-8-08
WASHINGTON, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Nearly half of US diplomats who do not want to serve in Iraq say a key reason is because they do not support the Bush administration's policies there, according to a union survey released on Tuesday

Rockets Hit Israel Before Bush Arrival
The Associated Press - 1-9-08
Israeli police said 12 projectiles were fired Wednesday, including seven that landed inside Israel. One rocket hit the home of Sderot resident Danny Dahan


Only 48 primaries to go!



"It was so warm today Al Gore got another Nobel prize." --David Letterman




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


US Gave Contractors Immunity


 Iraq's parliament should approve legislation to end immunity for foreign private security contractors, Human Rights Watch said today. The legislation would effectively rescind Order 17 of the now-defunct, US-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), which grants foreign contractors and their non-Iraqi employees immunity from Iraqi criminal prosecution.




David Letterman: Top Ten Signs Your Presidential Campaign Is In Trouble.


10. When asked what you’d do about Iraq, you say, ‘Do I Rock?’

9. You’re often described as ‘John Kerry without Charisma’.

8. Many of your supporters have been hospitalized because you ordered your campaign buttons from China.

7. You’ve been running negative ads about yourself.

6. Only endorsement you’ve received was from ‘Burrito Afficionado’ magazine.

5. When reporting caucus results, media refers to you as ‘Other’.

4. ‘Meet the Press’ appearance turns ugly when you put Tim Russert in a headlock.

3. Budget director blew most of your campaign funds betting on the Knicks.

2. You’ve primarily been campaigning in Canada.

1. You often ask, ‘What would George W. Bush do?



Disturbing News

Who Is The Defense Department Defending? Not Raped Women


The Defense Department's top watchdog has declined to investigate allegations that an American woman working under an Army contract in Iraq was raped by her co-workers.





"Congratulations to Mike Huckabee, to Barack Obama. ... Iowa has spoken. Cold, white people have had their say. Tomorrow night is New Hampshire, where colder, whiter people will have their say. And if all goes right, Obama and Huckabee will soon be the president of Scandinavia." --Jon Stewart


Republican Shenanigans

Senator Larry Craig Update


Seeking to have his guilty plea in a bathroom sex sting erased, the attorneys for Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho argue in a new court filing that the underlying act wasn't criminal because it didn't involve multiple victims.


Click here for the political view from Racine, Wisconsin

Rock-The-Voter News




"Ladies and gentlemen, let me get on to the strike for a second. ... There's an elephant in the room here. Elephant is not actually in the room. The elephant is on strike, as well. ... Why am I doing this show tonight? Why did I decide to come back on the air and do my show? Well, let me tell you something. All my doubters and haters out there, let me tell you this. I have always been anti-labor, always been anti-union. This is completely politically consistent" --Stephen Colbert





Fox News: We Report -- Even if We Know It's False - Paul Begala



Mitt Romney


Stewart and Colbert Return


Jon Stewart was back Monday night for the first time since the Hollywood writers strike began, but he took care to draw a clear distinction between the show he was returning with and the show he hosted until two months ago...Following Stewart's show, The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert apologized to his audience for a technical snafu.

"I got a problem here," snapped Colbert in his most indignant tone. "There are no words on my (Tele)prompter."




Biz-Tech News

The Recession is Coming


Goldman Sachs on Wednesday said it expects the US economy to drop into recession this year, prompting the Federal Reserve to slash...




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"A new Japanese government report says that Japan could have nuclear weapons within three to five years. And the report also says that the Japanese nuclear weapons would be similar to American nuclear weapons, but smaller, and more fuel efficient" --Jay Leno



Go-F***-Yourself News


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Tourists visits ice church structures lit by colorful lights on display during the 24th ice and snow festival in Harbin, northeastern China's Heilongjiang province, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008. The annual festival marks the peak of tourism to the cold northern region of China.
Photo/Andy Wong