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Jubilant Democrats take the wheel on Capitol Hill
Los Angeles Times, CA - 1-4-07
 WASHINGTON -- Democrats took control of both the House and Senate today for the first time in the ...


Skepticism from the Military on an Iraq Surge
TIME - 1-4-07
When President Bush dumped Donald Rumsfeld after the midterm elections in November, many officers in the Pentagon were elated to be rid of the domineering Secretary of Defense.

Defiant Prez may send 20000 troops to Iraq
New York Daily News, NY - 1-4-07

"There needs to be more in the way of forces within Baghdad," said White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. "It is clear that there was insufficient force to ...


How can the Democrats clean up the huge mess Bush and the GOP have made?





"How many folks were in Times Square for the New Year's Eve celebration? ... Here in the United States they celebrate by dropping a ball off a roof. In Iraq they celebrate by dropping the dictator through the floor." --David Letterman



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News




Subject: Saddam Photo



Is that picture today the actual photo of Saddam after death? I have deliberately avoided looking at any videos or photos of him out of defiance of w's insanity and dragging us along for the ride. Then I click on AHNC for my daily dose and get the picture of him. I am shocked and saddened that your posting this has now caused me to sully my soul and memory of something I refuse to be a part of.

Love AHNC and have donated, but Lisa, really, I don't understand this at all. Now I am burdened with w's crimes and must view this as part of my life, when I had nothing to do with it and didn't want to.




Yes, that is a picture of Saddam after his death. The same picture that is on CNN International (the only news channel I have available here in Costa Rica) and hundreds of mainstream media websites. I posted that phototoon because it was very effective.


Almost every day since the war began I have scanned the daily photos coming out of Iraq.  I don't post the gruesome ones but I do view them because I want to know the truth about what is really happening in Iraq.


One of the turning points in the Vietnam war was when this photo below appeared -- the use of napalm on innocent children.




We are all burdened with W's crimes. I feel it is unfair to blame me for sullying your soul.  George W. Bush did that.  I'm just the messenger and it hurts every one when you shoot at me.


Thank you for writing.



It's OK When Republicans Are Drug Addicts



The late Chief Justice William Rehnquists Senate confirmation battles in 1971 and 1986 were more intense and political than previously known, according to a newly released FBI file that also offers dramatic new details about Rehnquists 1981 hospitalization and dependence on a painkiller...Also in 1986, the FBI conducted an intensive investigation into Rehnquists dependence on Placidyl, a strong painkiller that he had taken since the early 1970s for insomnia and back pain.


I wonder what tongue thrusting drug Rehnquist was taking during the Clinton Impeachment trial?



Disturbing News


By Don Davis


Fox Reports of Bush Cocaine Use


As political media buzzed about whether or not Senator Barack Obama's admission eleven years ago that he used cocaine as a teenager would hurt his political prospects, Fox News ran a segment on "Obama's Cocaine Confession." Their conversation took an unusual turn, however, when Fox reporter Kirian Chetry said President Bush had also admitted to using cocaine.



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"Today was the funeral for President Gerald Ford. He passed away at 93. A very nice man. ... Ford was the only person to become president without winning an election ... besides President Bush." --Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans


They executed Saddam Hussein. I guess that means that whole Iraqi thing is over. We can all go home now." --David Letterman



Bush Can Read Your Mail



President Bush has quietly claimed sweeping new powers to open Americans' mail without a judge's warrant, the Daily News has learned.
The President asserted his new authority when he signed a postal reform bill into law on Dec. 20. Bush then issued a "signing statement" that declared his right to open people's mail under emergency conditions.

Rock-The-Voter News



Subject: Pat Robertson speaks to God. Again.


Unequivocal proof there is no god. If there was a god, and he, for god knows what reason, actually spoke to Pat Robertson, his words would surely be "Pat: shut the hell up".



Geez, you'd think old Pat would make a recording of God speaking to him so we could all hear the "voices" too!






Biz-Tech News


"Saddam Hussein apparently died from ... hanging on Saturday. ... He did not get the sort of funeral President Ford did. He was taunted by his hangmen. They even danced around his corpse. So clearly the good guys have won over there. Angry mobs are now protesting violently and say they won't rest until local authorities un-hang him." --Jimmy Kimmel


Bush-Prison-Torture News



"This week California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was released from the hospital after breaking his leg. Doctors say Arnold's leg will be broken for two months and his English will be broken forever." --Conan O'Brien


Go-F***-Yourself News




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