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Mukasey Will Not Rule Out Waterboarding
New York Times - 1-31-08
 WASHINGTON - Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey said Wednesday that while he would consider it torture if he underwent the harsh Central Intelligence Agency interrogation technique known as waterboarding, the practice was not...


Judge raps Corps of Engineers but throws out Katrina lawsuit - 1-31-08
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- A federal judge has thrown out a class action lawsuit against the US Army Corps of Engineers over the failure of levees in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina

Suicides Among Active-Duty Soldiers Reach Record High
Washington Post - 1-31-08
Army 1st Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside was judged by her superiors to be a model officer. But after suffering a psychiatric breakdown in Iraq, she has found herself facing criminal charges for attempted suicide and endangering the life of another soldier

It's 2008 and Bush has the freedom to torture people. I guess that is one of the freedoms the terrorists hate us for.


"The experts are saying the State of the Union address was very ambitious. President Bush said he plans to introduce dozens of bold, new mispronunciations." --David Letterman




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

A Million Reasons to Impeach Bush


More than one million Iraqis have died because of the war in Iraq since the US-led invasion of the country in 2003, according to a study published Wednesday.


Disturbing News



"It's frightening to be alive, walking around this planet in 2008. Listen to this. A 20,000-pound satellite has burned out. ... It's going to crash into us. It's already starting to plummet and soon it will explode. There's going to be a fire. Oh, no, wait a minute. I'm sorry, I'm thinking about the Giuliani campaign" --David Letterman



Republican Shenanigans News


"President Bush said the State of the Union was good, not as good as his buddies at Exxon, but still pretty good." --Jay Leno





Meanwhile, Back to the First Bush War


Afghanistan risks sliding into a failed state and becoming the "forgotten war" because of deteriorating international support and a growing violent insurgency, according to an independent study.



Subject: You Making fun of Bill Clinton


I am sure the FreePers would love your Clinton "Zipper" joke...unfortunate to see it your your swell site!



Hi L,

Sorry the joke or do you mean cartoon (?) bothered you. I thought it was clever. Maybe the humor in me took over my normal editorial skills (or lack thereof?)

I've always looked at it this way, if all the Republicans could find on the Clintons was Monica, I say bring them on. It'll take two presidents to fix the quagmire Bush has left us in.


Remember the FBI searched Chelsea's underwear drawer looking for Whitewater information. Bill and Hillary already have been vetted. We know what we're getting.


My only worry is that the Republicans are going to send in their armament (dumb gorgeous women) to tempt Bill...I bet they already have. I just hope they don't have videotape.

By the way, I love Bill.

Thank you for writing, Lisa





"Faith is playing a big part in this year's election. You have Huckabee, the evangelical guy. See, these fellas get a lot of people concerned about the separation of church and state. Do you know how that came about? Anybody know? See, the separation of church and state was made very clear by our founding fathers. See, what they did is they looked at the Ten Commandments. 'Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not bear false witness. Thou shall not commit adultery.' Then they looked at Congress and realized these two could never come together, we have to separate them" --Jay Leno





Rock-The-Voter News


"You know, that's what everybody is worried about. They say that Bill will actually be calling the shots. ... They will be the co-presidents. And I'm thinking this is going to be tremendous. You know what it is going to be like? It's going to be like Regis and Kelly." --David Letterman

Laura Bush’s Popularity Drops


A recent Pew Research Center poll finds that First Lady Laura Bush’s favorability rating has dropped “sharply” in recent years, right along with her husband’s numbers. Once “almost universally liked” (with a 70 percent approval rating in Aug. 2004), just a slim majority of Americans (54 percent) now have a favorable impression of the first lady.





Biz/Tech News

Oily Profits


Shell was today accused of making "obscene" profits at a time when pensioners, motorists and industry are struggling with higher energy prices when it unveiled annual earnings of $27.6bn (£13.9bn).

The oil major has made British corporate history with the record figures, which are equivalent to more than £1.5m an hour and come at the end of a three month period when crude prices have averaged over $90 a barrel.






"President Bush also promoted his stimulus package, where each American will get $600. This is part of the 'You Got Screwed, But Here's The Cab Fare Plan.'" --Jay Leno


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Coal Plant Canceled


The Energy Department on Wednesday canceled a futuristic, virtually emissions-free coal plant scheduled to be built in Illinois, saying it preferred to spend the money on a handful of projects around the country that would demonstrate the capture and burial of carbon dioxide from commercial power plants.


"During the State of the Union address, whoa what a rowdy crowd. Crazy crowd. At one point, Cheney had to fire a couple of shots in the air." --David Letterman


Go-F**k-Yourself News


"It was such a riveting speech, the State of the Union speech, Senator Larry Craig only took two bathroom breaks." --David Letterman


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