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Bush pushes Saudis for help with rising oil prices
CNN International - 1-14-08

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (CNN) -- President Bush used his visit to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to push for increased oil production to help the US economy by forcing fuel costs down


Oedipus Bush? Slate's Jacob Weisberg Puts President on Couch
Bloomberg - 1-14-08
Political realists may find it reductive or even absurd to paint the failure of a U.S. presidency as the consequence of a son's unresolved relationship with his father.

Beirut blast hits US embassy car: TV
Reuters - 1-14-08
BEIRUT (Reuters) - At least three people were killed in an explosion in Beirut on Tuesday which wounded a passenger in a diplomatic car, security sources said, and Lebanon's LBC television channel said a US embassy car was hit

Bush has had such a good time in the Middle East. He's viewed thoroughbred horses, danced with sabers and even got an award. He's the Celebrator-in-chief!

"President George W. Bush is in the Middle East. He's over there right now because his approval rating is higher. ... Bush would like to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He's so confident about doing this that he's already unfolding the 'Mission Accomplished' banner." --David Letterman



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


It's awesome to see the President in the Middle East, a land for which he has so much passion to cash-in. - Grant Gerver SeriousKidding.com


Disturbing News




"This is a ridiculous election. If I hear this word 'change' one more time, I'm going to change the channel. ... Even Mitt Romney, who is running for president as Ward Cleaver, is for change. Every time he gets up there, he says, 'I love change. Change is good. Who doesn't like change? Whatever I just said, I'd like to change that.'" --Bill Maher




Praying: Republican Style


Colorado Springs Republican Douglas Bruce, an anti-tax crusader sworn in this afternoon to fill a state House vacancy, kicked RMN photographer Javier Manzano, who had crouched before Bruce as he stood for the chamber's morning prayer.

"Don't do that again," Bruce snapped before shoeing Manzano.

Afterward, Bruce defended his knee-jerk reaction, saying he had warned the photographers against taking his picture during the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.


Republican Shenanigans News




With George Bush working his magic in person in the Holy Land, Al Qaeda and the Taliban have decided to kick off a recruiting drive: "Double the virgins for martyrs who sign up today!"

- Grant Gerver SeriousKidding.com


Meanwhile, Back In The Pacific


The head of U.S. forces in the Pacific pushed China on Tuesday for more transparency over its military build-up and suggested its growing might was aimed at Taiwan, the self-ruled island Beijing claims as its territory.



Rock-The-Voter News

The Surge Is Working?


RAMADI, Iraq (AFP) - The US military will hand over to Iraqi control the huge province of Anbar within three months, a senior officer said, reflecting a sharp turnaround for a region once a hotbed of insurgency.

Click here for the political view from Racine, Wisconsin


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The Detroit Auto Show unveiled fifty new models for six thousand journalists Sunday. The new sport utility vehicles are larger than ever. The average American car weighs fifty percent more than it did twenty years ago but then so does the average American. - Argus Hamilton


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